Zhong is the online alias of US-based Russian-Chinese social media star Zhongni Zhu who is known for gaining massive success with his funny short videos on various social media platforms including TikTok and YouTube. He also has Spanish, Portuguese and French language channels, apart from a gaming channel and a reaction channel. He is also active on his personal Instagram profile @Zhong, and created the popular meme profile @EpicFunnyPage. He is signed to United Talent Agency.


Zhong started his social media journey in 2013 when he got his first iPhone. He had joined YouTube back in January 2015 and initially uploaded gaming videos. His first video showed him playing Fortnite in an IKEA. It was followed by another video of him playing the same game at a mall. While he had started out posting pictures on his Instagram profile @Zhong, he soon shifted focus towards short videos about pranks and funny skits about Asian stereotypes. Years ago, he had created another Instagram profile called @EpicFunnyPage which has now become one of the largest 'meme' communities on the platform. He also posted funny skits on YouTube and made videos about reacting to memes. However, he has made private all his old content on his YouTube channel, where his oldest video currently is We TESTED Viral TikTok Life Hacks ** IT WORKED ** from December 2019, although he had just surpassed 100k subscribers earlier that year.

His short and energetic clips were better suited for the TikTok platform where he actually gained popularity first and very rapidly. Interestingly, after he started to re-upload his funny TikTok videos as YouTube shorts, his popularity on YouTube surpassed his popularity on TikTok. His video, I Would Do Anything For My Best Friend #Shorts, posted in March 2021, became his all-time most-watched upload on YouTube with over 271 million views, although he has made the video private as of now. Following the success of his short videos on YouTube, he tried to draw attention towards his long-form videos on the platform as well. He regularly makes various challenge videos and also makes videos about TikTok hacks. He is the CEO of the company Zhongster, which he established in 2020. In November 2022, it was reported that he had signed a deal with the Beverly Hills-based firm United Talent Agency to expand beyond the digital platforms.

Family Life

Zhong was born as Zhongni Zhu in Moscow, Russia, although shortly after birth, he was sent to live with his grandparents in China, where he was raised. His mother worked overseas. He has native or bilingual proficiency in Chinese and full professional proficiency in English and Swedish. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

He has been in a relationship with Canadian YouTuber Katrina Buno who regularly appears in most of his content. She is originally from Vancouver, Canada but later moved in with him to focus on social media. The two have a cat named Tofu. He previously had a dog named Biscuit.