Saby Hesri is an American social media star best known for her fashion and lifestyle content on her Instagram profile @sabyhesri. She also gained a massive following on TikTok with her lip-sync and dance videos. She has a YouTube channel as well, although she is not very active there. She has hosted a podcast called So, anyways... through which she shared personal stories, ideas, thoughts and advice with her audience.

Early Life

Saby Hesri graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in PR Marketing and Philosophy in early 2021. She has taken acting courses from Andrew Magarian and Gayla Goehl in Los Angeles for six and four months each.


Saby Hesri was inspired to join social media by her brother Kareem aka Keemokazi, who is a rapper with viral singles like Foreign, Feel, and Philosophy. Her two older sisters, Sara and Serene, have also been active on Instagram since 2013-14. Saby followed in their footsteps and began posting photos on Instagram in 2017. She later gained popularity on TikTok for her lip-sync and dance content. One of her videos set to Usher and Lil Jon's Yeah went viral in July 2020. That same month, she joined YouTube and has since posted a handful of vlogs and cooking videos, but has not been very active apart from re-uploading her TikTok videos as Shorts.


In early October 2023, Saby Hesri surfaced on news media for unapologetically defending her decision to still live with her parents at the age of 25. She had shared a TikTok video of her getting ready where she casually revealed that she still lived at home with her parents in Los Angeles, adding, “Sometimes I'm like, I need to move out right now, and other times I'm like, what's the rush?" However, many in her audience who equate moving out to becoming adult or independent, attempted to shame her for her decision to stay with her parents. She later responded to such critical comments explaining the reasons why she chose it: "I don't pay rent. My mom cooks amazing food every day, and I'll never live with my parents again after I get married and move out. These are the only years I have.” While she admitted that she has considered moving out on her own several times, she often quickly changes her mind considering that she is still young and would rather spend her free time with her family instead of being alone in an apartment by herself. Many tabloids lauded her decision, citing things like the cost of living in big cities and the average American debt.

Family Life

Saby Hesri, who is of Syrian decent, has been raised in the United States, but often spent summer vacations in Syria until she was 13. She has five siblings including older sisters Sara (b. 1993) and Serene (1995), younger brother Kareem (2002), and younger sisters Sophie (2006) and Sima (2009). Her mother Nina Hazem is a TikTok star, while all her siblings are social media influencers.