Jacob Cruikshank is an American YouTuber who is also known as the younger brother of YouTuber and actor Lucas Cruikshank, the creator of the popular Fred Figglehorn character. Apart from his eponymous YouTube channel where he posts vlogs and funny skits, he also hosted the podcast, Lucas & Jacob: The Bro Show, with his brother until April 2022 when they uploaded the last video, the podcast is over (actually tho).


Jacob Cruikshank followed in the footsteps of his older brother Lucas to become a YouTuber in March 2013 when he created his self-titled channel. In June, he uploaded his first video, KIMYE, in which he expressed his opinions on a bunch of topics and also showed off his dance skills. He made his second video, Water Bottle Challenge/Things that Annoy Us, alongside his sister Allie and again featured Allie, her two friends and his younger brother Ethan in the video Chubby Bunny Challenge in September. He primarily made comedy skits, although he also made occasional tutorials, cooking and makeup videos.

He interviewed his famous brother Lucas and his frequent collaborator Jennifer Veal in June 2014 and did THE BROTHER TAG with him in August. His continued to feature his siblings in many more videos and did a duet featuring his mother in the video MY DEBUT SINGLE ft. MY MOM in October 2015. In mid-2016, he collaborated with Jojo Siwa in a couple videos, including a fake GIRLFRIEND TAG video, and around the same time he appeared in her television show JoJo's Juice.


Jacob Cruikshank has a high-pitched baby-like voice for which he often gets asked if his voice is fake. He has made many videos on the topic including WHY DOES YOUR VOICE SOUND LIKE THAT?, IS MY VOICE FAKE?? and When my voice was normal. Why it changed..... He gave weird explanations like his vocal cords got twisted in his mother’s womb, his neighbor punched him in the throat or that he has a speech impediment, and even once made his mother attest that he doesn’t have a speech impediment but uses a device to produce his fake voice.

At the age of 15, he made quite a stir after he came out as gay to his family and Snapchat followers, because many thought it was too early to actually realize one’s true sexuality and likened it to a publicity stunt. However, his brother Lucas subsequently made the video my brother’s gay too? in which he confirmed that everyone in the family were already aware that Jacob was gay.

Family Life

Jacob Cruikshank was born to Molly Jeanne (née Duffy) and Dave Alan Cruikshank. He comes from a big family of 10 and is the second youngest among eight siblings. He has an older brother named Lucas, a younger brother named Ethan, and five older sisters named Maria, Stephanie, Emily, Kayla and Allie. He introduced Kayla and Allie in the video OUR SECRET SISTERS (are they gay too?) on his channel in January 2020.