Carly Incontro is an American social media star who had originally started out on Vine and later gained fame on YouTube for her funny videos on her collaborative channel, Carly and Erin, with Erin Gilfoy. She also has a self-titled personal channel, although it has been inactive since July 2022. She is a regular member of David Dobrek’s Vlog Squad.

Early Life

Carly Incontro attended Bellevue University in 2013-15 and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication/Media Studies. She also has an EMT certification.


Carly Incontro had started her social media journey on Vine on April 15, 2013 and often posted comedic videos with the hashtag #unexpectedinsults. She was very popular on the platform, earning over 200k fans before it shut down. She had her personal YouTube channel since October 2012, although she was not active there until much later. She initially made videos in collaboration with her friend and fellow Vine star Erin Gilfoy on the YouTube channel Carly and Erin, which was created in September 2015.

Their first upload on the channel was Vining and Driving: The Intro the same month. They followed it up with more videos in the Vining and Driving series, featuring popular personalities such as Brandon Calvillo and Mielmonster aka Miel Bredouw. Soon, they announced teaming up with the channel TBV2 (now Team Internet) for the future episodes of their series featuring more celebrities like David Dobrik, Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, The Gabbie Show and J. Cyrus. While those videos are no longer available, the behind-the-scene bloopers could be found on their collaborative channel, where they returned in February 2016 for one last episode of Vining and Driving with Charlie Classic. They subsequently switched to normal vlogs series called Carly and Erin Vlogs, where they continued to feature their good friends like Zane and Heath, and David.

On her personal channel, she started uploading with the self-proclaimed “click-bait” vlog im all alone in February 2018. Here also, she often featured David, Zane and Heath, as well as her boyfriends Bruce Wiegner and later Nolan Feldpausch. She continued to upload videos on both her personal channel and her collaborative channel with Erin regularly, but she last uploaded on her personal channel, the video my boyfriend has covid, in July 2022. Since 2014, she has been a part of Fullscreen, Inc YouTube network, which closed in 2021. Moreover, she has been a regular feature on David Dobrek’s Vlog Squad. In 2016, she and Erin starred in the series Midsømmer, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, produced by Astronauts Wanted, for which she also contributed as a writer.

Family Life

Carly Incontro started dating pop singer Bruce Wiegner in 2016, but they separated in 2019, which she revealed in a video from October that year. She casually revealed having a boyfriend and introduced musician Nolan Feldpausch in March 2020. They met through a dating app, went on a date and moved in together within a week for quarantine during the Covid-19 outbreak.