Ashton Rowland, the youngest brother of social media talents Hunter Rowland and Brandon Rowland, has carved out his own niche in the digital landscape. Verified on TikTok and boasting an active fanbase of over 600,000 followers on Instagram, Ashton has become a notable presence on social media. His popularity extends to Snapchat as well. Ashton enjoys a vibrant life, having traveled to Mexico, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles with his family. He also participated in the MagCon Tour with his brothers, showcasing his passion for singing and bike riding. Homeschooled with a curriculum that includes music, art, and literature, Ashton benefits from a well-rounded education. His mother, Christine, is a model who is also gaining popularity, and he has a half-sister named Alexa.

Career & Family Life

Ashton shares his home with a cat named Tabu and a dog named Harley. In his personal life, he is dating Jodie Woods. His social media interactions have included posts with Ruby Rose Turner, whom he briefly dated in 2017. Despite his young age, Ashton has managed to build a significant online presence and continues to engage with a growing fanbase, leveraging his family's influence and his own unique talents.