Brandon Rowland is a prominent social media star who has amassed over 1.8 million followers on his Instagram account. He initially gained popularity on platforms like Vine and YouNow before expanding his influence to Rowland has made notable appearances at various social media events, including VidCon. In his early years, he took guitar and dance lessons, and during the summer of 2015, he and his older brother Hunter created a few choreographed dance routines at a dance studio. His family has a strong presence in the social media world, with his mother Christine being an entrepreneur and model, and his youngest sibling Ashton also generating significant buzz online. He also has a half-sister named Alexa Gebhardt.

Career & Family Life

In 2019, at just 16 years old, Brandon Rowland achieved emancipation from his parents, making him a legal adult. This significant milestone highlighted his journey towards independence at a young age. Brandon's collaborative efforts with his brother Hunter were well-received, and the duo appeared together on the Magcon 2016 tour, further solidifying their status in the social media realm.