Undos is the online alias of American social media star Zach Jelks who gained fame on TikTok by making dance videos and other funny content. He has two TikTok profiles with handles @undos and @jelks, and is also available on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter (now X) and YouTube. Apart from earning immense popularity, he also got involved into several controversies because of insensitive content.

Early Life

Undos attended Greater Atlanta Christian School in Atlanta, Georgia, before enrolling into Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, from where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Undos was passionate about dance since he was a child, but did not consider himself talented enough to make a career as a dancer. He has been active on Instagram for a long time. In fact, his Instagram profile where he started posting in May 2015 is actually his second account. It was while scrolling through his Instagram feed of dance challenges that his passion for dancing was reignited. Wanting to make his own dance videos, he joined TikTok with the username @itsundos, but has since then shortened it to @undos. He started posting dance videos, mostly to hip-hop music, to his TikTok profile and also posted skits, jokes and comedy clips. He had posted a video set to the YFN Lucci song Wet in May 2020. In June, he became verified on TikTok.


Despite his success, Undos’ online career has courted controversies repeatedly. In late 2019, he posted a video reportedly pretending to have seizures by shaking and spitting out water, which had become a trend to mock rapper Juice Wrld following his sudden death from a drug-induced seizure. While many people were offended by the video, Undos later claimed that he didn’t make the video to pretend to have a seizure.

Then in mid-2020, he made another video joking about Michael Jackson’s child abuse allegations. The video started with a picture of the "King of Pop" and then transitioned to him, pretending to be a child, and curling his toes to symbolize sexual abuse. Several of his followers were quick to point out that the video was in bad taste, and although he eventually apologized, he also accused his critics of being “sick in the head”.

The issue cropped up again months later after fellow TikToker Hadiya Harris reacted to the video, following which Undos called the latter hypocritical for claiming to be a ‘Black Lives Matter’ advocate and targeting a fellow black person. However, it quickly backfired as people reminded him that he cannot use the BLM movement as a shield. He subsequently took a break from social media due to excessive hate comments.

Family Life

Undos, who was born as Zach Jelks, grew up with an older brother named Isaiah and a sister named Kennedy. He has mixed ethnicity. His father, who has not been named, is a businessman. His mother, Kathleen Bernice Jelks, passed away on July 25, 2011, when he was just 11. He later lost his brother in 2018.