Woah Vicky is an American social media star who rose to prominence following her involvements in various controversies. She claimed to be black, pretended to behave like black people, including often using the N-word, and even tried her hand at rapping with songs like Woah Vicky, Cash App, and In Da City. At times, she had verbal or physical altercations with RiceGum, Bhad Bhabie, Chrisean Rock and Lil Nas X, and was even arrested once.

Early Life

Woah Vicky attended Marietta High School where her father was a mentor of The Youth Apprenticeship Program.


Woah Vicky built up her online following primarily feeding through controversial actions that date back to 2017 when she participated in The Lotion Challenge where she and a friend attempted to devour a spoonful of lotion. Shortly after the video of the challenge went viral on YouTube, her popularity skyrocketed online, resulting in her getting about 20k new followers on Instagram each day. Also in 2017, she drew criticism for stating in a video, "Yes, my birthday is March 7. But July 19 was the day I found out I was black." She further stated that she belonged to Zone 6, a famous neighborhood in Atlanta, which produced several popular black rappers. She even turned towards Ancestry.com to prove her ancestral connections with black people and started to mimic the behavioral traits, accent and even appearance of black people.

She was subsequently roasted by popular YouTuber RiceGum in August, which prompted her to record an entire diss track to mock his Asian heritage in retaliation. The overtly racist video was quickly removed by YouTube for violating their community policies on hate speech. In an attempt to dissuade the backlash she received, she posted a half-hearted apology stating she was being racist to battle racism against her and further made cringeworthy comments about how she actually liked Asian guys, even prompting them to DM her.

In 2018, she had a physical confrontation with another controversial influencer named Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, after the two met in Los Angeles. In a Tweet from April 2018, Bhabie claimed that Vicky and rapper Lil Tay had abused her best friend. Vicky was later arrested weeks before her 18th birthday for trespassing, assault on a law enforcement officer, and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer at Four Seasons Town Centre. In early 2023, she accused Lil Nas X of pretending to be gay, adding "he need Jesus”. Moreover, the Jonesboro High School in Georgia received backlash for allowing her to preach to kids, among other things, misinformation about LGBTQ people. In August 2023, she reported Chrisean Rock for second-degree assault during the filming of the reality TV series Baddies East.

Family Life

Woah Vicky was born as Victoria Rose Waldrip to Steve and Carla Johnson. Her father is a real estate agent. She doesn’t like talking about her mother. She has an older sister who lives in New York. She has dated Papi JJ, Deivys Nicola and John Gabbana.