Tuv or tuvington is the online alias of American YouTube documentary commentator Alberto "Bertie" Ruiz best known for his documentary style videos on morbid topics.  He had started his career making Instagram tips and trick before gaining popularity for his MrBeast-inspired videos. He is also a musician and has released the songs cherry soda, corazón and overdose. He created the brand earldoesntexist.com.

Early Life

Tuv attended Richard Henry Dana Middle School and then went to Da Vinci Design School, from where he graduated in 2020.


Tuv joined YouTube in July 2012, at the age of 10, but uploaded his first video, Fake Car Crash, in July 2013. He subsequently attempted at making GTA V gameplay videos, but soon moved to Instagram because YouTube was not working out for him. He made a Five Nights at Freddy's meme page on Instagram (which he ran under the name of the game’s creator Scott Cawthon without impersonating him). He eventually returned to YouTube to share Instagram tips and tricks videos. Although his Instagram profile @quackystacky was soon terminated, he was able to rebuild over 150k following on another profile, @tuvhub, but he later deleted it to fully focus on YouTube.

After his YouTube channel, hit 2,000 subscribers on June 18, 2019, he switched from Instagram-related videos to more viral content. He was inspired by MrBeast to make similar content, which quickly took him to 10k subscribers when he landed in a controversy after claiming that MrBeast ignored him in the video Dear MrBeast and Zealous.. Amidst negativity and hate comments, he was determined to push further and uploaded the video WHO is BELLA POARCH and why is she FAMOUS? in September 2020. It became his first video to cross 100k views and marked the beginning of his journey into “Trend Hacking”. He made more such video on Rice Gum, David Dobrik and EDP445, the last of which was very popular. His channel further gained viral fame following the release of the video The Darkest TikTok Iceberg in August 2021, especially after YouTuber MoistCr1tikal reacted to it on a livestream.

Tuv launched his musical career with the release of his first hyperpop song, cherry soda, on February 25, 2022. He subsequently made a documentary about its making on his second channel, bertie. He has since then released music videos like corazón and overdose; the albums ear candy and Stop Loving Me; and the EP Bloom.

Family Life

Tuv was born as Alberto Ruiz, but thinks it sounds like an old butler, so he urged everyone to call him "Bertie" in 2020. His mother wanted to name him Renato, but he is glad that she was convinced otherwise. “tuv” is actually an acronym for his old Xbox gamertag “TheUnhappyVoice”, which he later shortened to “TUV”, but felt it was gross and started using the lowercase tuv. He did not reveal his birthplace. His father is Mexican and his mother is Guatemalan.