Trinity Taylor is an American social media star who is the younger sister of popular rap duo Daysha and Ti Taylor, better known by their stage name Taylor Girlz. While she has contributed to the lyrics and has appeared in her sisters’ music videos and live performances, she is a star in her own right and has huge following on Instagram. She is also active on YouTube on the channel IAM TRINITYTAYLOR and has released songs like She Ain't Me.


Trinity Taylor was inspired by her father, as well as her popular sisters, to pursue music and eventually become an influencer. As a child, she watched her sisters dance for their music videos and has mentioned that dancing has been her main hobby that gives her life. She had actually gained recognition on Instagram for her dancing. She contributed to the lyrics of her sisters’ songs before featuring in Taylor Girlz’s famous music video, Steal Her Man. Following the popularity of the song, she and her sisters also launched a dance and dubsmash challenge named after the album on TikTok. While the challenge earned her sisters a deal with the RCA Records, Trinity was also able to capitalize on the popularity by earning more fans on social media. She subsequently featured in another music video by her sisters called Wedgie and its dance challenge called #Wedgie in My Booty. Later on, she often accompanied her sisters on their live stage performances.

While Trinity initially gained popularity on her Instagram profile @iamtrinitytaylor, she launched her personal YouTube channel titled IAM TRINITYTAYLOR in December 2016, when she was 12 years old and was in 6th grade. She posted her first introductory video in May 2017. While she promised more new music in her very first YouTube video, she started posting variety content on her channel in the following months, including sports videos, slime videos, shopping hauls, vlogs, behind-the-scene videos of her sisters’ music video shootings, pranks, cooking videos, challenges and more. Trinity, who made slimes and other creative stuff since she was a child, also sold her slimes through the website Furthermore, she has an outlet through the online fashion store by Big Cartel to sell her merchandise. Very fond of dressing up, doing makeup and collecting shoes and sweatshirts, she was once sent a PR package by one of her favorite clothing line, Uary Apparel.

Family Life

Trinity Taylor was raised alongside two older sisters named Daysha (b. 1995) and Ti Taylor (1998) and a younger brother named Mike. Her father is an R&B singer who inspired her and her older sisters to sing. Her sisters went on to form the rap duo called Taylor Girlz. She has featured her mother in one of her YouTube videos in which she reacted to Trinity’s Instagram video compilation. Her parents are also YouTubers who run the channel MommaAndPappaTaylor Reacts. Her sisters also have a joint channel called Taylor Girlz, while Daysha has a separate personal YouTube channel as well.