Thogdad is an English YouTuber and football coach best known for collaborating on football-related content with his son, social media star Thogden. He previously worked in finance in Russia and owned a vegetarian restaurant there. He has coached football throughout Rwanda and is also an international cricketer who has played for Montenegro, helping the country beat Estonia. He played an extra in a Russian movie called Fair Play starring his son.


Thogdad started his social media career alongside his son Theo Ogden, who created his channel Thogden as a child in November 2014. He always supported his son and became his “sidekick” when Theo started making YouTube videos. Initially, he was only supposed to work out of the camera view, but he accidentally ended up appearing in a few videos and the viewers liked his character so much that he eventually became a regular feature in his son’s videos. He also started making videos on his own channel, which he had since 2011. He is known for making football-related content on the channel, covering historic moments, and also makes predictions for upcoming games.

He surfaced in the news in May 2021 after he challenged Greg Paul, the father of YouTubers turned boxers Jake and Logan Paul’s, into a boxing fight. The news was revealed by his son Thogden on the Happy Hour Podcast and confirmed by his father, who revealed that he had correspondence with Greg on Instagram and again challenged Greg on camera to get ready for a fight in six months time, adding that his only condition was that every penny made from the event went to mental health charities.

Family Life

Thogdad was born as Stephen Ogden. He is married to a Russian woman, with whom he has two children, son Theo and daughter Sima. While his wife has featured in his videos, her name has not been revealed. He can speak Russian somewhat. He is an avid reader as well as a writer. He mentioned working on his autobiography in a Q&A video for Famous Birthdays and also revealed his willingness to write non-fiction and crime stories in the future. He would also like to travel the world, particularly South America, for six months straight or even a year. He is very fond of vacationing in Goa, India. He is a pescetarian and doesn’t eat meat.