Tasia Alexis is an American social media star who had initially gained fame on Vine with her smart and funny videos, which she sometimes made with her father. While she was away from social media due to her early pregnancy, drug addiction and arrest, she later re-built her fan base on TikTok. She also has a new vlogging channel, The Hazellief Family, where she appears with her husband and two children.


Tasia Alexis had originally started her social media journey on Vine at the age of 14. Although her early followers there were mostly people she knew personally, her fan base grew rapidly thanks to her smart and funny videos. She was close to her father and often made videos with him, who also had quite a following on his separate Vine account. She performed with another popular Vine star, Alexander Holtti, in the House of Blues in Los Angeles in June 2014. The same year, she was tagged in a picture with internet sensation Sam Pottorff. One of the fastest growing Vine celebrities ever, she had reached 3.6 million followers on the platform before it shut down.

She subsequently moved her content to Instagram and was able to retain a sizeable portion of her dedicated fan base there. Back in 2014, a rumor had spread on Instagram about Tasia being on a Disney Channel show after she herself implied as much, although her fans were not convinced given the inappropriate Vines. Much later, after she joined TikTok, when a fan found her face familiar, she had responded, “I am actually from Disney Channel. I went from Disney Channel to prison.” However, it is still not confirmed which Disney show she featured on, if any. She was also active on YouTube, where she was a part of the now-defunct Fullscreen YouTube network. While she had amassed over 400k subscribers there, her original YouTube channel is no longer available. Much later, she returned to TikTok, where she is a very popular star now.


Tasia Alexis has been absent from social media time and again, although she later mentioned on Instagram that her first hiatus was due to her pregnancy. Then in early 2019, she suddenly disappeared again, only to return to TikTok in November and reveal that she was arrested in February that year for forgery and possession of methamphetamine. Tasia often made videos about her jail life, captioned “prison diaries”, and later opened up about her drug addiction in the YouTube video, Overcoming Addiction. She now often talks about how the bad experiences in her life brought her closer to Jesus.

Family Life

Tasia Alexis Hussey was born to Leah and Jamie Hussey. She has two younger brothers named Ashton and London. She and her husband, Gavin Hazellief, met online but were not serious about a relationship initially and separated a few months later before getting back together in about a year and quickly marrying secretly. They share two kids together: daughter Greenly Harlow and son Princeton.