SubZeroExtabyte, or Sub, is a British YouTuber known for his videos based on the games Minecraft and Roblox. Apart from his main channel Sub, he also has a Minecraft-specific channel called Sub's World and a Roblox-specific channel called Sub's Blox World. Moreover, he was a member of the YouTuber group The Pals along with Denis, Alex, and Sketch, and formally Corl.


SubZeroExtabyte had created his first YouTube channel under the name MayaTOOTS on January 24, 2012 and initially posted Minecraft videos occasionally. He later teamed up with Sk3tch (now known as Sketch) to make Minecraft machinimas and animations and renamed the channel to SubZero & Sketch. He renamed the channel to SubZeroExtabyte after Sketch left. He was later joined by his friends Denis, Corl, Alex and Flebsy, following which the channel became a collaborative channel and was again renamed to The Pals. They made separate series on Minecraft Hotel, FNAF: Origins (a Five Night's At Freddy's fangame), and a Roblox version of FNAF Origins. Sketch later re-joined the channel in September 2016 and it became primarily a Roblox channel.

SubZeroExtabyte had already created his separate channel, now known simply as Sub, on July 8, 2016. On the channel, he became known for his "Noob vs. Pro" comparisons in Minecraft. He also created another channel called Sub's World for Minecraft guides on August 2, 2017. He was introduced to Roblox by Sketch and created a Roblox guides channel called Sub's Blox World on March 5, 2020. However, he stopped uploading on all his three channels in early 2022 and is currently inactive.


SubZeroExtabyte and the rest of The Pals members got into a controversy in early 2019 after Corl harassed a former fan of the group named Tiffany on Twitter through a series of rude tweets. After Corl was widely criticized, his fan base further harassed Tiffany, which reportedly made her attempt suicide. Following the controversy, Denis kicked Corl out of The Pals through a public statement on February 25, 2019. The channel subsequently became inactive and finally on June 28, 2019, Denis announced the group disbanding through a community post on the YouTube channel.

Exactly two years later, Denis made another community post in which he shared a screenshot of him, Alex, Sketch and Sub in the Minecraft Time SMP Server, which fans took as a hint of a reunion. They subsequently briefly reunited on a Minecraft Time SMP episode called The Pals REUNION! - Minecraft Time SMP: Episode 23 - GRAND SHEEP RACING, although they never got back on the channel. On May 18, 2023, SubZeroExtabyte’s main channel Sub, his other channel Sub's World, as well as The Pals and the personal channels of Sketch and Corl were hacked by a SpaceX scam stream. While both his channels were deleted, they were eventually recovered 3-4 days later.

Family Life

SubZeroExtabyte, whose real name is Dylan, has never appeared on videos apart from sharing a picture once and used text-to-speech as commentary instead of his real voice.