Solai Wicker is an American social media star who rose to fame alongside her twin sister Yoni Wicker for their lip-sync and dance videos on Instagram, Dubsmash and TikTok. They are also active on the joint YouTube channel TheWickerTwinz. In 2019, they were sponsored by Mofajang to promote their range of temporary hair-color wax. They have also released songs like Oh Yeah, Main Event, Rite Now and How'd You Do It.

Early Life

Solai Wicker mentioned in a Q&A video in January 2019 that she and her sister were being homeschooled for a year and a half. They mentioned that while they attended a public school before, it was not possible anymore after they became popular. They also revealed that they have been dancing since childhood and have worked as models before gaining fame on social media. Both the sisters wanted to become lawyers.


Solai Wicker was the first among the twins to start dancing on Instagram when she was in the sixth grade. She initially had a joint Instagram profile with her sister called the Wicker Twins, created in July 2016. However, she created her personal Instagram account in October that year and started sharing dance videos there. She was soon followed by her sister who created her own personal account in March 2017. Despite having personal profiles, they often made twin themed content together, which were more popular among fans. Their popularity especially blew up after they joined the Dubsmash app. They first went viral when they recreated the “I Got Hair” video around late 2017 or early 2018.

Solai Wicker and her sister started posting videos on TikTok back when it was still called and gained popularity for their dance content and funny videos. While they had their YouTube channel, TheWickerTwinz, since March 2011, they didn’t start posting there until May 2018. Since then, they have regularly uploaded pranks, challenges, Q&A’s, DIYs, and fun videos, and while they don’t usually post dance videos there, they could still be spotted spontaneously breaking into dance moves in the middle of other videos.

Family Life

Solai Wicker is older than her twin sister Yoni by two hours. They also have two older brothers and an older sister, all of whom are much older than them. Their father’s name is Terrell. While many fans thought they were mixed and their father was white, they confirmed that both their parents and even their grandparents are Black. “Solai” is actually her middle name.

While she and Yoni are identical twins, they can be identified easily due to the different shapes of their head; Solai's face is longer than Yoni’s, and she is taller than her. Other than that, Solai is right-handed, while Yoni is left-handed. Solai is also more short-tempered than Yoni. Both the twins suffered from scoliosis, a sideways curve of the spine, but Solai’s situation was worse, due to which she went through a major surgery in March 2018. She has been romantically linked with fellow Instagram star Zyiair.