Slaiman is an Australian YouTuber and registered pharmacist best known for his channel Whealth by Slaiman where he primarily uploads pranks on his wife, Kate Martineau. The two also share another YouTube channel called Slaiman and Kate, while he has a separate channel called Music by Slaiman where he shares audio from his main channel and other music related content.

Early Life

Slaiman studied Law/Pharmacy at the University of Queensland for four years and passed first class with honors in 2014. Interestingly, his wife is also a graduate of the University of Queensland. He works as a licensed pharmacist alongside maintaining his social media career.


Slaiman started his social media career by creating his YouTube channel Whealth by Slaiman in September 2014. According to him, though his channel, he wanted to spread his philosophy that “your Health is the most valuable type of Wealth”. However, instead of advising people to eat healthy or work out, he wanted to take a different approach by bringing positivity into people’s lives primarily through laughter, although he does occasionally share advice on the channel. In fact, he used his very first few videos to impart his advice on various topics including How to Avoid/Prevent a Hangover, How to Make a Simple Headache Curing Drink and How to Lose Fat Fast. However, after a few advice videos, he uploaded the first of his prank videos, Boyfriend Cheating PRANK - Gone Wrong!, in March 2015.

In the following months, he continued to prank his girlfriend regularly, and even pulled a more serious “Severed Finger” prank at a friend’s place with the help of Kate. After getting a bit of popularity, he formally introduced his channel with the video Hello and Welcome in July 2015. He and Kate also made a special Q&A video in August. In mid-September, he introduced his new channel, Music by Slaiman, where he uploaded audio featured on the Whealth by Slaiman channel, music videos, royalty free music and remakes and remixes. He was constantly asked by fans for a vlog channel with Kate and eventually created the channel, Slaiman and Kate, in January 2017. There, they post vlogs, tag videos, challenges and other popular YouTube stuff, apart from regularly reacting to their own pranks from the main channel.

Family Life

Slaiman was born as Slaiman Joseph Akl and grew up with two younger sisters. He didn’t have many friends and met his now-wife Kate Martineau while out with his little sister for her birthday. After bumping into Kate at random, he had introduced himself with a fake name because he thought she would not be able to pronounce his name. After talking for about an hour, he asked her out for coffee the next week, to which she agreed, and they soon started dating. Following years of dating, he proposed to her in December 2020 and they got married in May 2022. Kate was actually born in England, although she lived in Australia for as long as she can remember.