American TikTok star Scott Frenzel shot to fame with his TikTok clips showcasing nostalgia, college tips and hacks, and comedy. He is also popular on YouTube, where he mostly posts TikTok compilations. Scott also often posts content on art and challenges. He is also known for his acting skits. Some of his most popular series are That Kid and Embarrassing Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes. He belongs to the LGBT community and has showcased his boyfriend on Instagram.

Early Life

Scott Frenzel is from Cincinnati, Ohio, US. He worked as a server at a restaurant and switched to creating content for social media after losing his job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, he started posting videos nostalgic old trends and reactions. Once he got some fame online, he decided to cash in on it and create a social media brand.

In March 2020, he posted his debut TikTok clip.

Social Media Career

Scott Frenzel shot to fame as a TikTok star with his nostalgic videos on pop culture, college tips, life hacks, and comedy on his popular TikTok account, scott.frenzel. Over the years, he has gained millions of followers on the platform. A July 2020 video of his on TikTok was about fans of the band One Direction.

One of his best-loved TikTok clips shows a list of items he believed were cheap as a child but later found out were quite costly. In 2023, he dropped his first single, Sugar High.

He is popular on Instagram too, where his account, scott.frenzel, has fetched him thousands of followers. Most of his content on the channel showcases art, challenges, and Q&A. It also highlights his acting skits featuring various characters.

His self-titled YouTube channel, launched in May 2015, mostly showcases his funny TikTok compilations. Some of his most popular YouTube videos on the channel are 30 Things You Need to Bring to College (That Aren't on the Packing List) | TikTok/Shorts Compilation, Things they fed us for school lunch (Part 12-22) | Shorts/TikTok Compilation | Scott Frenzel, and Things that look delicious (but aren’t edible) | Shorts Compilation (Parts 1-11) | scott.frenzel.

He is known for his signature style of fast talking and his use of mini microphones and fake braces. Some of his most popular series are the That Kid and Embarrassing Mistakes Every College Freshman Makes.

Family Life

Scott Frenzel belongs to the LGBTQ community and has featured his boyfriend, Will, on Instagram.