Samara Redway is a Canadian YouTuber and former streamer known for vlogging and playing video games like Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite and Resident Evil. She has three YouTube channels: Samara Games, Samara Redway and Samara Plays. She used to livestream with her boyfriend and Fortnite YouTuber Andre Rebelo, aka Typical Gamer, her brother Mackai, and other gamers like Avxry, Neekolul, and Exoph until late 2022.

Early Life

Samara Redway achieved good grades in school, but when she moved to a private school after eighth grade, she was bullied by other girls and started skipping school before eventually switching to a public school near her house. Her first job was at a McDonald’s when she was 13. She attended University of Alberta before shifting to University of Calgary. She was so distressed after her grandmother passed away that she dropped out of college after completing three years.


Samara Redway made videos of herself when she felt lonely in university, but never posted those anywhere. It was her boyfriend Andre who first encouraged her to be on YouTube. She had created her first YouTube channel, now named Samara Games, back in October 2013. However, she started uploading videos there with BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE, also featuring Mackai, in January 2016. She featured both Mackai and Andre in more challenge videos in the following months and also vlogged about her trips. She created her eponymous vlogging channel in September 2018 and later created a gaming specific third channel, Samara Plays, in August 2020. She live-streamed with Andre, Mackai, and gaming YouTubers like Avxry, Neekolul, and Exoph, but announced quitting live-streaming in November 2022 due to the immense mental pressure.

Family Life

Samara Redway initially lived in a house on the water, but her family moved to a smaller house down the street from where her grandparents lived when she was a few years old. However, her father soon left the family, deciding that he didn’t want kids or family life. She spent a lot of time with her grandparents and did science experiments with her grandmother, who was a scientist, while her grandfather read Harry Potter to her. Her mother got married again a few years later, although she didn’t get along with her stepfather. She has an unnamed sister and brother Mackai from her mother’s second marriage. Her stepfather, who often misbehaved with her or her mother, was eventually kicked him out of the house by her mother.


Samara Redway first met her boyfriend Andre Rebelo after he had contacted her on Twitter (now X). However, it was her mother and sister who met him in person before her at a PAX Prime event, after which her mother was very impressed by him and insisted that she hung out with him. She also found him the nicest guy she ever met and started dating shortly after. In her video How I Met My Boyfriend | Q&A in February 2016, she mentioned that they had been dating for about five months.