Ryan Prunty is an American YouTuber best known for his eponymous channel where he posts ridiculous challenges, adventures and experiments, some of which are scripted and use actors according to his own admission. He often features his friends Steven Cho aka Stove’s Kitchen, Carter Sharer and Lizzy Capri in his videos, and was previously a part of the group Team RAR with them. He has a second channel called Ryan Prunty Shorts.


Ryan Prunty created his self-titled channel in April 2018 and posted the first video on it that very month. He vlogged about facing his fears of skydiving with the help of his friends Carter Sharer and Lizzy Capri and also featured his best friend Stove’s Kitchen. His next videos continued to feature the four of them as they made vlogs, pranks, and sing-off videos that helped the channel gain popularity quickly.

In 2018, along with his friend Carter, Lizzy and Steven, he also formed Team RAR (derived from the Latin term “rara avis” and abbreviation for “Rare And Ridiculous”) that created epic video content from their adventures, challenges, experiments, and daily life. While they already made similar content for their individual channels, the group’s separate YouTube channel was created in September 2019 and their first video, Whats in the Box Challenge (ft. Team RAR), was posted in November  that year. They formally introduced the team and the type of videos they make in their second video, WHAT IS TEAM RAR?, in December. In August 2020, Carter bought a new mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, where the team moved into.


While Team RAR amassed 100k subscribers by early 2020, drama crept in to break apart the group soon after. Carter had also bought an expensive Lamborghini, which was spray-painted one night by an unidentified person, which was caught on security camera. Following his own investigation, Carter blamed Ryan and Steven for it in a YouTube video, instead of talking it out with them, and also spray-painted Ryan’s car in retaliation. Ryan and Steven, who didn’t have access to the original camera footage, went back to Carter’s place secretly to access it as he didn’t want them around anymore. While they didn’t get much from it, Carter continued to make videos blaming them, so they decided to play a joke and went in again, this time with spray paints. However, they found the car already spray-painted, at which time Carter caught them and was even more convinced. While the drama eventually led to the two being kicked out of Team RAR, they later rejoined the group in August, but the team still did not last much longer as they had to leave the house. However, they continue to make videos together.

Family Life

Ryan Prunty was born to David and Bonnie Prunty. Both his parents have appeared in some of his YouTube videos. He has a sister. He featured his girlfriend, Jahanvi, who is of Indian origin, in his video MEET MY GIRLFRIEND! in March 2021.