American YouTuber Clarissa Caleb, better known by her online pseudonym, Rissa G., shot to fame with her collaborative YouTube channel, Riss & Quan, which she runs with her fiancé, fellow YouTuber Shaquan Roberts. The mom of 2 often features her kids in her content. She is equally popular on Instagram and Twitter. She has also partnered with several fashion brands.

Early Life

Clarissa Caleb, better known online as Rissa G., is from Queens, New York, US. She is multiracial. While she has Jamaican roots on her father’s side, she is of Italian and Swiss descent on her mother’s side.

In May 2019, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University at Albany‘s State University of New York. However, she has been posting videos on YouTube since January 2018.

Social Media Career

Rissa is best known for her collaborative YouTube channel Riss & Quan, which she manages with her partner, Shaquan Roberts. The channel, launched in January 2018, has amassed millions of subscribers, through the years.

It mostly showcases family-friendly content, such as pranks, challenges, and daily routines. One of her most popular clips, Our Couples Morning Routine, received over 2 million views within a year.

Some of their other popular videos on the channel are Meeting Our Baby Boy For The First Time! (Live Birth), Our Couples Morning Routine!, RISSA WANTS A MOMMY MAKEOVER!, and 5 TYPES OF K.!.S.S.E.S. !!!

She is quite popular on Instagram too. Many of her photos on the platform showcase her pregnant tummy. Her account on Instagram, rissag97, has earned a huge follower base. One of the first posts on the account was made on April 3, 2017 and was a photo featuring her with her mom.

She is also popular on Twitter and, in January 2021, retweeted YouTube star Kayla Manning. Rissa and her partner have also, over the years, promoted or partnered with several top-notch brands, such as FashionNova.

Family Life

Rissa G. has been dating fellow YouTube star Shaquan Roberts since long. In November 2021, she had her first child with him, their son Shine Anthony Roberts. In May the following year, the couple declared they were getting engaged. In June 2023, they had their second child, Saviour Azaire Roberts.

Rissa is very close to her mother, who is a social media star in her own right and manages the Instagram account badgyal_2017. While Rissa’s father is known as King Clean, her mother is known as Queen P, on social media.

Rissa sports a tattoo on her left shoulder.