Parker Andrew Coppins is an American YouTuber, actor and entrepreneur who is known as the host of the Disney XD series Parker Plays and is the owner of several YouTube channels including ParkerGames, ParkersWorld, and Craftee. He has acted in films like Born Bad and The Black Tape, and has appeared on television shows like Adventure Room and Sugar Pine 7. He has successfully established five companies.

Early Life

Parker Andrew Coppins and his sisters were homeschooled by their mother, but being a social kid, he expressed a desire to go to school and was enrolled into Calvary Christian School, a small private school. He loved playing different characters since he was a child and started acting in school plays in the sixth grade, after meeting Dr. Liebert, a local physician, who inspired him considerably. After eighth grade, he moved to a huge public high school, Harlingen High School, where he continued to act. He attended an acting convention in Dallas in his sophomore year and did a monologue, which earned him 21 callbacks.


Parker Andrew Coppins moved to LA with his mother at 15 and bagged a part in the suspense thriller, Born Bad, and although it was never released theatrically, it was aired on television. After his mother returned, he moved in with fellow aspiring actor and producer Jonny Lopes and often spent time playing video games, particularly Runescape. He soon decided to film his gaming with Lopes and started uploading the videos on the YouTube channel, Parker_Games, in 2011. After staying in LA for eight months, he returned to Texas for about two years. Upon his return to LA, he created a second channel named ParkerGames, while renaming his older channel to ParkersWorld, and started uploading Minecraft content on the new channel in 2013. He contributed to the MineplexOfficial channel in 2013 and surpassed 200k subscribers in 2014.

He took interest in business and entrepreneurship in 2016 and created a merchandise solution called “MerchForAll” which was acquired in 2018. Also in 2016, Parker was approached by the Digomind production company to make a television pilot with similar content like on his YouTube channel. This resulted in the television series Parker Plays, which premiered on Disney XD on July 15, 2017 and ran for a second season the following year. After the show was unofficially cancelled, he created a YouTube show named Parker’s Place! and produced four more episodes. He went on to created more YouTube channels like a Minecraft channel called Parker Plays Minecraft, a vlogging channel called Parker Coppins, and finally a gaming channel called Craftee. Parker, who has a record for the longest Minecraft stream, is currently active on the Craftee channel where he mostly uploads Minecraft challenges.

Family Life

Parker Andrew Coppins was born to Mark and Darla Coppins and grew up with two older sisters named Ashley and Caitlin. His family moved around several times before settling in Texas, where his father was offered to be a pastor in a church.