Paradiisedd or Paradise Deedee is the online alias of American social media star and singer Deyanira Magaña, who is best recognized for her massive following on the TikTok handle @paradiisedd. She is also active on her Instagram profile with the same handle and her YouTube channel. Coming from a musically talented family, she has released a few songs like Unbothered, Shimmy Glidde and PRETTY BITCHES.

Early Life

Paradiisedd was a part of her school basketball team and wore the jersey number 42.


Paradiisedd had joined YouTube back in November 26, 2014 and had uploaded hundreds of videos including Ignore my Voice, but Look at My Beautiful Family, I’m just trying to fall asleep on facetime with you, I can’t even do singles anymore, She pointed at me this time, and I’m the air-head in this group. However, she has since then deleted or made private a lot of her old videos and, as of now, her oldest video on the channel is Never Have I Ever ! ft my little sister ! from June 2019. That video, like most of her videos, featured her younger stepsister PrettyLuhHazel, who was actually inspired to join social media following in her footsteps. She also featured her brother in the video Brother does my makeup :), which is no longer available. Like her brothers, she has also tried her hand at music by releasing songs and music videos like Unbothered, Shimmy Glidde, PRETTY BITCHES, Fake Love and True Love And Patience.

After Hazel joined various platforms, Paradiisedd started to feature in her content, like the only video on Hazel’s YouTube channel prettyluhhazel _ titled Pranking girls saying we’re there bf side chick in September 2019. She was also the one to inspire Hazel to join TikTok as she was already popular on the platform with millions of followers thanks to her videos such as She pointed at Me this Time, I’m the airhead in this Group, This is a blooper, guess what She said to me, Took me a while to learn this, Tag who I’d look cute with, and But there my bad bitches. She used the Paul Anka song Put Your Head On My Shoulder for a TikTok video captioned My favorite candy is a sour patch … why ?:) Along with her sister, she also made the video If I and my sister had a class together that was very popular.

Family Life

Paradiisedd was born as Deyanira Magaña and was raised alongside an older brother named Michael Magaña, a younger brother named James Zamarripa and a younger sister named Hazel Zamarripa, who is also a social media star known online as PrettyLuhHazel. Both her brothers are singers. While all the siblings share their mother Esmer Magaña-Zamarripa, her two younger siblings do not share the same father.

According to reports, she was previously in a relationship with someone named Ethan. However, she now features her current boyfriend, Michael, in several of her videos on her YouTube channel and elsewhere.