Noah Riley is a social media star who first gained a significant following on Vine. He collaborated with popular Viners such as Malak Watson, KingBach, and Liane V, with his earliest accessible Vine dating back to September 2014. Over time, he amassed more than 70,000 followers on the platform. Beyond his Vine fame, Noah has worked as a coaching analyst for the NFL team, The Ravens, showcasing his diverse talents and interests.

Career & Family Life

Noah is also an avid NBA fan and has a close-knit family, including an older sister named Ava and a younger sister named Nadia. He has resided in Baltimore, Maryland, where he has continued to grow his social media presence. One of his notable collaborations was with Melvin Gregg on a video humorously titled "When your older brother beats you up and you threaten to snitch," which further showcases his creative flair and ability to engage audiences.