Monique Lynn is an American social media star who is best recognized for her travel, fashion and beauty content on various platforms. She is active on Instagram and TikTok on the handle @_moniquelynn and also shares regular videos on her eponymous YouTube channel. While she has deleted a lot of her old content on YouTube, she is currently best known for her Luxury Haul videos and travelogues.

Early Life

Monique Lynn finished high school a year early and was offered admission to several universities when she was only 16 years of age. She had to move to Malibu in 2014 for her college education. She later attended Pepperdine University from 2018 to 2021 and obtained her master’s degree from there.


Monique Lynn, who had developed an interest in beauty and makeup when she was a child, posted her first makeup video when she was only eight years old. She also launched her Instagram profile, where she shared pictures showcasing some of the most popular fashion trends. She created her current YouTube channel back in October 2015. Initially, she regularly made videos about her travel experiences, including her trip to Los Angeles in February 2017 and her tour of the Bahamas in April 2017. She also made promoted products by brands like Fashion Nova and made fan giveaways for products she had reviewed. She had surpassed five million views on her YouTube by July 2017. However, she has since then deleted or made private all of her older videos from the channel.

Currently, her oldest video on her YouTube channel is Haul: Chanel, Hermès, Zara Try On from May 2011, as her older videos are no longer available. Also, she now puts a lot of focus on shopping haul types videos with “Luxury Haul” now being the predominant content type on her channel. However, she occasionally vlogs about her travels and tours to international locations in Greece, France, Bora Bora, Italy and Portugal. Moreover, as someone who had initially gained popularity for reviewing and creating looks with products from celebrity cosmetic lines such as MYX Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Kylie Cosmetics, she continues to make hair and beauty tutorials sometimes, as well as morning routine videos. While she has been active on her current YouTube and Instagram accounts since 2015, she joined TikTok relatively recently in July 2020. She is active on both Instagram and TikTok with the handle @_moniquelynn and primarily posts pictures and videos from her travels on both platforms.

Family Life

Monique Lynn’s biological parents separated shortly after her birth. She is an only child of her mother, who is a lawyer. She was raised in Northern California by her mother and her stepfather. However, she has mentioned travelling to more than 40 countries as a child. She still loves to travel and has been to countries such as Mexico, Aruba, Bahamas, France, Japan, China, Canada, Portugal, Italy and Greece. She has shared childhood pictures with both her parents on her Instagram profile.