Mimi Land, aka Mia, is an American social media star who rose to fame as a child on YouTube for her Spanish language channel ‘Mimi Land’. She also has an English language channel called ‘Mimi Locks’. She made videos on diverse topics including fashion, makeup, food, challenges, vlogs and more on both channels. She is further active on the Instagram profile @mimilandtv and the TikTok handle @mimilandmia. Her first interview was published on the Revista Tú México magazine in early 2019.


Mimi Land was inspired by other influencers such as Mariale, Gibby and Los Polinesios to join social media in 2017. She joined YouTube in June 2016 with the channel LolaLandTV, but later renamed it to Mimi Locks and started uploading English language videos. Her first ever YouTube video was I dyed my hair with Kool-aid!!! MY FIRST VIDEO EVER! Mimi Locks, posted in February 2018. The next month, she made a second YouTube channel called Mimi Land and started posting Spanish language videos on it starting in April. Despite being born in the US, she decided to make videos in Spanish to honor the culture of her Latino parents and also to improve her Spanish pronunciation. She made videos covering fashion, makeup, challenge and lifestyle on both the channels, and created separate videos for each channel instead of just posting the same content in different languages.

Although she made videos for fun, the 11-year-old was very consistent and regularly made upbeat content with her younger brother Ilu and her friends Isa, Juli, Mary Ángel, Valeria, Meli and Alana. One of her videos went viral within a couple months after she started to make videos. Interestingly, her Spanish language channel grew much faster than her English channel and reached over 3.2 million subscribers within a period of about a year, while the other one only managed to gain a fraction of the fan base. She was also nominated to the Eres Awards and the Tú Awards in 2019. While she makes all kinds of content on her channels, her favorite is her series about recreating looks of celebrities and other social media stars including Sofia Carson, Karol Sevilla, Billie Eilish, Maddie Ziegler, and Annie LeBlanc. Apart from YouTube, she has also amassed a large fan following on TikTok and Instagram.

Family Life

Mimi Land, real name Mia, was born to an Argentinean father and a Venezuelan mother. She has a younger brother named Ilu. While her parents never showed their faces, her mother is a photographer who manages her Instagram profile, and also often works behind the camera to help her with video production. She is bilingual and can speak both English and Spanish. She learnt Spanish by taking classes and speaking the language with her parents. Although she loves dogs, she is allergic to dogs and cats, which is why she got a rabbit as pet. She is a friend of the famous YouTuber Lola Land, who is also the creative director of her channels.