Mikayla Matthews is an American social media star who became known for her teen mom content on various social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. She makes videos about her daily life and regularly features her three children: Beckham; Haven and Tommie. She has been the topic of online gossip due to her age gap with her husband and her early pregnancy.

Early Life

Mikayla Matthews, who became pregnant at 16, finished school graduation online.


Mikayla Matthews has been active on Instagram since her early teen days. Her earliest picture with her husband Jace on the platform was during Christmas when she was about two months pregnant. She had her YouTube channel since March 2014, but uploaded her first video in December 2019 to vlog about her life as a teen mom of two kids. She joined TikTok shortly after in January 2020 and quickly gained a large following there for her videos about her everyday life with her kids. She often makes videos about surprising her son, Beckham, with food.

Family Life

Mikayla Matthews grew up in Granada Hills, California until the age of 9-10 when she moved to Utah with her mother and siblings after her parents divorced. She is the second youngest of seven children and has three brothers and three sisters. Two of her siblings still live in California, as well as her father. She left her house at 15 because she was not comfortable with her mother’s boyfriend at the time and was living with her two older sisters in Orem.

Relationship & Controversy

Mikayla Matthews, who welcomed three children with her husband, Jace Terry, by the time she was 22, was believed to have been groomed by Jace, who is five years older than her, by many in her TikTok audience. She told Josie Van Dyke on the Weekly Trash podcast that she met her husband Jace through her sister who was friends with his roommate. She was 16 at the time while he was 21. Back then she was already leaving out of her house for about a year. Aware of the online comments about the age gap between them, she said that her sister knew Jace as a good guy and was unaware about their relationship, while Jace didn’t know about her exact age. Interestingly, while a TikToker went so far as calling Jace a “felon”, Utah has the Romeo and Juliet law, which shields young, consenting couples like Mikayla and Jace.

She met Jace in September 2016 and she became pregnant by October. She decided to keep the child and her mother was supportive. She informed Jace, who was not really her boyfriend at the time, but he also stood by her. She soon moved in with Jace, who was established and had already bought a house when he was 19. They welcomed their first child, Beckham, on July 3, 2017, four months after her 17th birthday. They have since then welcomed two more children, Haven and Tommie.