Mason Fulp is an American social media star who is known for his fitness-related posts on his Instagram profile @masonfulp. He also has a TikTok profile with the same handle and is active on his eponymous YouTube channel. He had originally earned fame for his comic sketches on Vine. A friend of popular YouTuber Brent Rivera, he was previously a part of his AMP Squad.

Early Life

As the son of a fitness trainer, Mason Fulp has been obsessed with fitness since childhood and won third place in Men's Physique Novice at the age of 17.


Although Mason Fulp had joined YouTube on May 8, 2012, he started his social media journey on Vine where he made his first post on February 28, 2014. He enjoyed making people laugh through his comedic videos and sketches on the platform. He had also featured in a video titled “It's always funny when your friends gets hurt” posted by Crawford Collins and featuring Christian Collins and Brent and Brice Rivera. Mason and Brent, who went to the same high school and have been friends since their freshman year, made Vine videos together during lunch break.

Mason was inspired by Brent to make YouTube videos and started uploading videos like Asking Strangers to Film Us Doing Weird Stuff in 2019. He often featured Brent in his videos and also helped him make videos as a member of his AMP Squad in 2020. He helped Brent create the content house AMP World, which housed internet celebrities like Lexi Rivera, Pierson Wodzynski, Ben Azelart, Dom Brack, Andrew Davila, Lexi Hensler, Alan Stokes, Alex Stokes, and Jeremy Hutchins.


After Mason Fulp stopped filming with AMP Squad in March 2021, fans started to speculate that he was kicked out of the group by Brent. This prompted him to make a video titled Why we stopped filming together... on October 12, 2021, which he deleted later. According to him, while filming for a video in Las Vegas during the COVID-19 outbreak, he was once asked by a casino guard to wear a mask or leave the casino. However, he created a scene trying to convince the guard that he was practicing social distancing, but was eventually handcuffed and put in a Las Vegas detention center. This incident turned his relationship with the rest of the group sour. After he made a video titled I'm homeless on October 9, 2022, many criticized Brent, who was at the time vacationing in the Maldives, but Mason made another video to clarify that Brent was not responsible for his situation and that he was happy despite having little to his name.

Family Life

Mason Fulp was born to Yvonne, a women's bikini competitor and personal trainer, in Pasadena but was raised in Huntington Beach, California, where he moved with his family when he was 11 years old. He has a brother named Austin and a sister named Summer. His brother is also a social media star active primarily on Instagram.