Maryam Masud Laam is a YouTuber, television presenter and religious speaker who gained popularity for her videos of Qur'an recitals, especially with her younger sister Fatima. She has been participating Qur'an quizzes and competitions since childhood, and has served as a presenter on GuideUS TV and ITV USA. On her channel, she also makes vlogs, travel videos, cooking videos, toy unboxing videos and educational videos.

Early Life

Maryam Masud Laam attended An-Noor Academy in New Jersey. Apart from focusing on her studies, she loves to read books and play basketball in her spare time. She aspires to be an Islamic Scholar and has learnt the Arabic language.


In January 2008, Maryam Masud Laam’s YouTube channel Maryam Masud was created, on which her parents started to share her recitals of a couple Surahs in October 2009, when she was just three. For the next few years, they continued to share more videos of her recitations of many verses from the Qur'an, as well as her participation in various Qur'an quizzes and competitions. She began to appear more consistently on her channel in 2013, and the same year, she became the Helping Hand (HHRD) Qur'an Champion. She started a series called Qur'an with Maryam the next year. Her parents further promoted her YouTube content on her Facebook profile.

Maryam, who has been actively involved with the GuideUS TV kids program, won the 2014 GuideUS TV Qur'an Competition when she was eight. She went on to host The Daily Reminder program outside of GuideUS TV. Although she occasionally sang religious songs when she was younger, while appearing on The Deen Show, hosted by Eddie Redzovic, in November 2014, she urged young viewers not to waste time listening to music. She then gained world-wide exposure for appearing on the Al Jazeera channel the next year. She completed her Hifz Graduation and became a Hafiza, someone who has memorized the whole Qur'an, on June 6, 2015, at the age of nine. Her popularity on YouTube grew further in the coming years, particularly thanks to her videos about reciting parts of Qur'an to her younger sister Fatima and other kids to inspire and teach them. She is also on Instagram and celebrated receiving the Gold YouTube Play button with a picture of herself and her sister posing with it on her Instagram.

Family Life

Maryam Masud Laam was born to Masudur Rahman and Shakila Imroz, who are of Bangladeshi origin. Her father is a software engineer and her mother is a homemaker. She is the great granddaughter of distinguished Bangladeshi adventure-thriller writer Romena Afaz. She has an older sister named Mayeesha Masud Meem and a younger sister named Fatima Masud Alif.

She was only two when she began memorizing the Qur'an, helped by both her parents. Her mother made the experience fun by introducing interesting activities for memorizing the verses. She was also influenced by the “cool ideas” her father brought home from Google IO conferences and has already learnt to edit her videos.