Jordan Frye is an American social media celebrity and YouTube star. He is the creator of the widely-known channel named ‘VenturianTale’ where he and his siblings post gaming content for over millions of subscribers. He is also popular on Instagram where he has sizeable followers. Jordan also has good following on Twitter.


Jordan Frye came out with his YouTube channel ‘VenturianTale’ in January 2013. His initial videos were mostly around the popular sandbox game ‘Minecraft.’ Nevertheless, he gradually added more games to the roster such as Call of Duty, The Legend of Zelda, Garry’s Mod, and Skyrim. However, it wasn’t just the fun gameplay that made him popular as Jordan imbued a unique idea into his videos. He donned the persona “Venturian” and voiced different characters. He also invited his siblings, Bethany, Cierra, and brother Isaac, to his channel to make things more flavorful. Obviously, his siblings played catchy personas as well.

In May 2021, he launched another YouTube channel named ‘House Venturian.’ The channel currently has over 11k subscribers.

Controversies and Scandals

In 2021, Jordan’s sister Bethany posted a video on her channel titled “The Truth About VenturianTale.” In the video, she talked about the regressive household she and her siblings grew up in and how difficult their childhood was. Bethany shared how they were not allowed to make friends and had to live in an environment where women were considered less than men. According to her, if anyone dared question these retrograde ideas, then they were “disowned” by the family. In response, Jordan released a short video (which has since been deleted) where he confirmed Bethany’s story and announced a hiatus from YouTube.

Personal Life

Jordan Fyre grew up with two sisters named Bethany and Cierra, and a brother named Issac. There is not much known about his parents. He is married to Jessica Ott and has invited her to many of his videos.


He belongs to a strict Christian household.

Jordan is quite well at playing the piano.

He was homeschooled.

He is a Superman fan and enjoys collecting action figures of his favorite superhero.