Joewoahy is a Canadian social media star and model who rose to fame on his Instagram profile @joewoahy for meme content, but later shifted focus towards modeling and fashion content. He is also active on most other social media platforms including YouTube and TikTok with the same username. He is currently affiliated with the social media marketing agency Viral Nation.


Joewoahy said in an interview with Daniel Dana on the Gen Me podcast that he was always on social media, especially on Instagram, and liked to see his pages grow, although he didn’t necessarily posted anything about him, but content about Call of Duty (he was interested in games back then) and meme content that were popular on Twitter. He also wanted to become a meme himself and started posting meme photos and eventually started making videos on YouTube as well. He made many videos inspired by movies, like if he was in the movie IT. However, he felt embarrassed after some of his classmates started to show his videos in class to make fun of him and ended up deleting all his content.

He later restarted his social media journey during the summer holidays in 2015, when he was not in school, again starting on Instagram. While he also tried his hand at Vine, he thinks he was not good at it, but he got his username from there. He also created his YouTube channel in June 2016 and started uploading with a Q&A video in December that year. This time he was more confident and did not bother about what others thought about him. He was also able to gain a huge following on TikTok when he joined the platform eventually. In June 2021, he posted a photo of himself with Megan Thee Stallion on his Instagram page which became very popular and earned him over 50k likes.

Despite earning his fan base due to his memes and funny contents, he eventually grew bored of it as he matured, and turned his attention towards modeling. He started auditioning for modeling gigs and also bagged a few, and went on to sign with the modeling agency Morgan Model Management in Canada in early 2021. He is happy about the fact that having an agent makes things easier for him as he doesn’t need to manage every aspect of his content anymore. He also tried OnlyFans for a couple months, although was not serious about it and stated that he would only do it again if needed money desperately.

Family Life

Joewoahy was born as Joey Pittari and grew up with an older sister. He has Italian and Spanish ancestry. He was previously in a relationship with a girl named Vanessa with whom he often uploaded YouTube videos. However, he later came out as gay in the video COMING OUT in April 2017. Since then he made a couple videos about his “boyfriends”, usually featuring his close friends, and mentioned he was single in a Q&A video.