Joe Waud is an American social media star who rose to fame alongside his twin brother Jason on various social media platforms. He followed his brother to, although he is no longer available on the re-branded platform TikTok. While he has an Instagram profile and shares a YouTube channel with his brother, he is not active on either. An aspiring actor, he appeared as himself in the 2021 movie Summertime Dropouts.


Joe Waud followed in the footsteps of his twin brother Jason into social media as the latter was active on before him. Witnessing Jason gaining fame on the platform, he started making videos in 2016. He posted about 50 videos before one of his posts was featured on the platform, earning him popularity. He lip-synced to the Bruno Mars song Grenade in 2017. Moreover, he lip-synced to songs by Backstreet Boys, Fifth Harmony, and other popular artists on the platform. He also posted on Instagram alongside and uploaded many of his clips to YouTube.  One of his earliest posts on Instagram is with his twin brother Jason with the caption, “He’s my brotha, no one can replace him”. He also shared a childhood picture with his father on the occasion of the latter’s birthday. He later became a regular on the broadcasting platform He hosted a meet and greet event in Seattle in early 2017.

He often featured his twin brother in his posts and also made Q&A videos with him. Apart from regularly collaborating, the two brothers also set up a joint YouTube channel called Waud Twins in March 2017. They uploaded the first video on the channel, PO BOX OPENING!, in September that year. They continued to upload a few more videos over the next couple years, but have not been active on the platform since March 2019, when they uploaded their last video, PLAYLIST LIVE 2019. Interestingly, he is no longer available on TikTok and also shared his last Instagram post in early 2023. He has expressed his interest in modeling and acting in the future.

Family Life

Joe Waud was born one hour and 25 minutes before his identical twin brother Jason Waud. Their mother is a teacher. They also have an elder sister. He has been a sports enthusiast since the age of four and grew up playing soccer and basketball, which he also played in school. He still loves to spend his spare time playing basketball, apart from riding scooters like his younger twin.

While Joe has not been very active on social media in the past year, his brother has been sharing pictures from his frequent visits to hospitals in the past few years. Amid speculations of cancer by fans, Jason revealed in late April 2023 that he has been battling an unknown disease for three years and that it was getting progressively worse. However, Joe has not opened up about it or shared pictures or videos with his brothers in a long time.