Jenn Im is a Korean-American video blogging YouTuber renowned for her channel ClothesEncounters, where she shares style musings, tutorials, and lifestyle advice with her audience. Her channel has garnered over 3.2 million subscribers. Jenn began working at the age of 15, with her first job being at Baskin Robbins, before transitioning to YouTube full time. She attended UC Davis, majoring in communications. Her talent and influence led to her being signed by the RARE Global talent agency and being flown out to New York for fashion week in September 2012. Jenn has also started a book club called the Curl Up Club, furthering her engagement with her community.

Career & Family Life

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jenn Im has an older brother named James. In her personal life, she got engaged to Ben Jolliffe in 2016, and the couple married in August 2018. They welcomed their son, Lennon, in September 2021. Jenn's connections in the YouTube community include Marzia Bisognin, who wished her a happy 23rd birthday on Twitter and participated in a Christmas swap with her in 2014. Jenn's journey from a part-time worker at Baskin Robbins to a prominent YouTuber and influencer underscores her dedication and passion for her craft.