Jenesis Sanchez is an American socialite who was the last girlfriend of late rapper XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, and is the mother of his only child, Gekyume Onfroy. Since revealing her identity following the birth of Gekyume, she had a legal battle with XXXTentacion’s mother Cleopatra Bernard regarding his paternity. She actively shares pictures of Gekyume on Instagram and was previously active on YouTube and TikTok.

Relationship with XXXTentacion

Jenesis Sanchez was first introduced to XXXTentacion by a mutual friend at a birthday party a few years before they started dating in January 2018. The two were so inseparable that she moved from her home in Tampa to her boyfriend’s mansion in Parkland the very next month. She later revealed that the two of them were like "hermit crabs" who "didn't go out much” and rather spent hours playing video games at home. Unfortunately, the young rapper was shot and killed outside of a motorcycle dealership in Southern Florida on June 18, 2018, at the age of 20. The identity of Jenesis was initially kept a secret to safeguard her and her child, although Cleopatra Bernard, XXXTentacion’s mother, had shared the news of the pregnancy on Instagram with a picture of her baby bump.

Although a midwife was already present to deliver the baby for a home birth, an emergency C-section had to be performed due to unforeseen complications. She gave birth to their child, a boy named Gekyume Onfroy, on January 26, 2019. According to Jenesis, she and her late boyfriend had already decided the name of their child before his death: Xiorra, formed with a couple of letters from different characters from his favorite video game Kingdom Hearts, if it were a girl, and Gekyume, meaning different state or next universe of thought, for a boy. She penned an emotional note on the second anniversary of XXXTentacion’s death stating that she could not properly mourn him for the sake of their child.

Legal Battle

Although no one denied that XXXTentacion was the father of her son Gekyume Onfroy, Jenesis Sanchez stated that she wanted concrete evidence to prove it and filed a petition with the courts months after Gekyume’s birth to prove his paternity. According to the outlet The Blast, the rapper’s mother Cleopatra Bernard was attempting to block Jenesis from receiving the DNA sample in sealed court filings, so her reasoning was unknown. However, a Florida judge granted her access to a DNA sample from the late rapper, following which Jenesis asked the court to order the Office of the Broward County Medical Examiner and Trauma Services to provide DNA samples to the testing lab.

Family Life

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Jenesis Sanchez moved to Tampa, Florida with her parents at an early age and was raised there. Jenesis, who has a tattoo on her neck inscribed with her late rapper boyfriend’s real name, Jahseh, stated that she will make sure that her son is “going to hear about his dad 24/7”.