Jabez Noel Villalobos is an American social media star who is known for his Instagram profile @jabezvill and his YouTube channel yeaaaJ. He primarily makes content based on his day-to-day life and regularly posts vlogs on YouTube. He was previously active on the YouTube group channel, 4K1K, with his friends. He has also been a member of the content creator collective The Vault. He portrayed the character Kai on the Brat series Stage Fright in 2020.

Early Life

Growing up, Jabez Noel Villalobos was interested in sports, especially basketball, and even aspired to become an NBA player.


Jabez Noel Villalobos started his social media journey on Instagram, posting a video of him playing basketball with the caption "One love and it ain't no girl!" on November 16, 2016. He has been active on the platform with different usernames like @sinofjabez, @jabez and @jabezvill, the last one being his current Instagram profile on which he posts selfies, sports videos, and fashion pictures. He has endorsed brands such as BANG ENERGY and Redline Energy through his social media posts. Along with his friends Jiggy Green, Tommy Chau, and Dre, he was part of the YouTube group, 4K1K, which joined the platform on February 15, 2017. They started posting on the channel on April 8, 2017 with the video titled 4K1K – The beginning. The group went on to upload several challenge videos before branching out to include other types of content like pranks, Q&As, vlogs, and story time videos.

In the meantime, Jabez Noel Villalobos also started his own YouTube channel, called yeaaaJ, on December 12, 2017 and uploaded his first video, Q&A – jabezvill, the next year, although the video is no more available publicly. He continued to post pranks, vlogs, Q&A’s, mukbang, challenge videos, and more on the channel. His and his friends’ videos on their group channel 4K1K became fewer after they graduated in mid-2019, and they stopped completely after posting their last video, TRY NOT TO LAUGH (wipeout edition) | 4K1K, on August 17, 2021. However, he has continued to upload videos on his personal YouTube channel, where he mostly posts vlogs now. He took a break after March 2022, but returned in December that year and talked about why he needed a break from social media. He is also a member of the content creator collective The Vault.

Family Life

Jabez Noel Villalobos has Hispanic and Vietnamese ancestry. He has a brother named Rocky Navarette and a sister named Hannah Noelle. He also has a younger step-sister named Brooke Ward. He has shared pictures with his mother on his Instagram and has featured her in many of his YouTube videos. He loves to buy different types of sneakers and shoes, and has showed off his shoe collection on social media. He has also showcased his guitar skills through his various posts. He was previously in a relationship with a girl named Catie, with whom he had launched a joint YouTube channel called jabez & catie in June 2020.