Hazel Amari is a Barbadian model, social media influencer and businesswoman based in the United States who rose to fame on her Instagram profile @hazelamari for sharing lifestyle, beauty and makeup photos. She originally began her career as a model and has also worked in the medical field. She later launched her own clothing and apparel brand ‘Two Oh One’, stylized as ‘2-oh1’ and also offers services like credit restoration and financial literacy mentoring.

Early Life

During an interview with Da Front Porch Radio in June 2016, Hazel Amari had revealed that she was at the time working as a medical assistant and was scheduled to start working as an emergency medical technician (EMT).


Hazel Amari started her career as a model and was represented by the Backstage casting service. Hazel, who “loves makeup” and has been “passionate about it” since childhood, did her own makeup while appearing in a photoshoot on the Intermodelo Magazine (International Models Magazine) in November 2015. She featured in the international charity fundraiser event Fashion Rocks in Maryland in 2015-16 and worked on a modeling project for JHP Production in Washington, D.C. She had started her social media journey in May 2016 by sharing a clip from one of her modeling photo shoots on her Instagram account @hazelamari.

Interestingly, she eventually gained popularity on the internet for her lifestyle, beauty and makeup photos on her Instagram. Shortly after joining the platform, she gained a dedicated fan following thanks to her exceptional makeup skills. She regularly got requests from fans about certain styles and dutifully obliged by showcasing those. However, she still considers herself a “makeup enthusiast”, rather than a makeup artist. She later decided to pursue fashion and announced her own clothing and apparel brand Two Oh One in September 2019. It was officially launched in winter that year and the company, based in Harlem, New York, offers “Everyday Luxury” products which are shipped worldwide. She had setup an online shop for the brand, which is currently inactive, and also has a separate Instagram profile with the handle @2oh1.co, where she last posted in November 2022. She often modeled for her own products.

Family Life

Hazel Amari was not actually born in the island country Barbados as is popularly believed, but rather in New York City, although she was raised in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. She later settled in Harlem, New York. Her name is pronounced as “Hay-Zul Uh-Ma-Ree”. She is engaged to a man named Cory.

She is very passionate about raising awareness about the importance of education in the black community and is appalled by the fact that many from the community “sharing the same messed up history” as her are “completely blind to what’s REALLY going on around them”. Recognizing the fact that blacks did not always have the opportunity to get an education, she feels that they should utilize such privileges so that they can recognize systemic racism and stereotyping that is very much present to this day.