British model, equestrian, and Instagrammer Harlow Luna White is known for her horse-themed content on Instagram and elsewhere. She first gained fame with her appearances on her mother Chelsea’s family channel, Harlow and Family. Harlow’s Instagram account, where she posts content on horse riding, travel, and other topics, is managed by her mother. Harlow also appears on the gaming channel Harlow Plays. She has, over the years, partnered with equestrian brands such as Aztec Diamond Equestrian.

Early Life

Harlow Luna White is from England. She was all of 3 weeks when she was featured in her first YouTube video. It was a clip showing her bathing in a sink. The clip went viral ad fetched her more than 80,000 views.

Social Media Career

Harlow Luna White is a kid model and YouTuber who became a social media celebrity when she began appearing in her mother Chelsea’s family YouTube channel, Harlow and Family.

The channel, launched in December 2015, is an equestrian channel that mostly showcases videos featuring the family’s 4 ponies, Popcorn, Rolo, Cloudy, and Panda.

One of her best loved clips shows how to groom a shetland pony. It has gone viral and fetched her more than 4 million views. In a March 2017 clip on YouTube, she was seen making unicorn cookies.

She has a gaming channel too, titled Harlow Plays, which was launched in February 2023.

Harlow is equally popular on Instagram. Her account on the platform, harlowlunawhite, is managed by Chelsea and features content on horse riding and other games, plus travel.

Interestingly, Harlow is a talented equestrian and has even been awarded sponsorships by Charles Owen Helmets and the horse supplement brand NAF. She has also partnered with the equestrian clothing and accessories brand Aztec Diamond Equestrian.

She also sells her own horse-themed merchandise, such as calendars, hoodies, water bottles, rosettes, and pyjamas, on

Family Life

Harlow’s mother, Chelsea White, manages most of her social media activity. Harlow grew up with her brother, Harlen.