American TikTok star Hannah Cook shot to fame with her posts on her relationship with her TikToker husband, Regal Noise. Hannah is a mother of 2 now and is also known for documenting her journey as a mom on social media. Apart from TikTok, she is also popular on YouTube, where she and Rela manage a collaborative channel, Hannah & Regal. She also has a huge fan base on Instagram, where she often posts on travel, music, home décor, and food. Hannah is also known to be a devout Christian.

Early Life

Hannah Cook is from Duluth, Minnesota. Not much is known about her early life.

Social Media Career

Hannah Cook has become a global TikTok sensation with her content detailing her relationship with her husband, fellow TikToker Regal Noise. Her TikTok account, hannahkelekacook, has helped her gain millions of followers on the platform.

One of her TikTok posts featured a montage of her photos of the time spent with Regal. It went viral and fetched her more than 100,000 views in less than a day. One of her April 2022 TikTok clips was inspired by allieandnoah Allie.

She and Regal also manage a collaborative channel on YouTube, titled Hannah & Regal. Launched in October 2020, the channel has already gained thousands of subscribers. Some of their most popular videos on the channel are THE BIRTH OF OUR SON and OFFICIAL, Would you rather.... *Hilarious*, and GENDER REVEAL (BABY #2).

Hannah is also quite popular on Instagram. Her account on the platform, hannahkeleka7, has fetched her thousands of followers. Most of her content on the platform features her family. She also often posts about travel, music, recipes, and home décor.

She is managed by Trend Management.

Family Life

Hannah once said that at 22 she had almost given up on dating but then she met TikTok star Regal Noise.

The duo dated for about 6 months before getting engaged. In less than 3 months after that, they got married.

Hannah and Regal declared they were going to be parents in February 2022. They had their son Jace in August 2022. They had their second kid in December 2023.

Hannah is a devout Christian. She grew up with her brother, Isaiah.