Grace Sharer is an American YouTuber and a member of the popular YouTube vlogging family, Sharer Family, which gained popularity thanks to his older brother and YouTuber Stephen Sharer. She was the final member of the family after her mother and other brother Carter to join in the vlogging adventures and later created her own YouTube channel where she posts vlogs, pranks, challenges, reactions, and comedy videos.

Early Life

Grace Sharer attended Oakton High School.


Grace Sharer’s older brother Stephen started making YouTube videos in November 2015 and her other brother, Carter, joined him in 2017 as they focused fulltime on YouTube. Grace was formally introduced to YouTube on the video WELCOME TO THE SHARER FAMILY!! (NEW MEMBER) on Stephen’s channel in June 2018, although she had previously featured in at least one of his earlier vlogs. Stephen, as he went to pick her up from the train station, revealed that she had been travelling around the world until then. Grace stated that she wanted to participate in the vlogs, and immediately after her return, started appearing in Stephen’s vlogs like TUBING WITH MONSTER IN POND!! and NERF RIVAL PAINT WAR!! (SIS VS BRO). She also made her first Instagram post around this time.

Also in June 2018, she created her personal YouTube channel. However, she began uploading similar vlogs featuring her family members starting with Stephen Sharer Spying on Grace Sharer WORLDS BIGGEST Mystery Machine Surprise!! in January next year. Featuring Stephen in her first video and structuring the video in a similar way to Stephen’s vlogs assured it would be watched by the majority of her brother’s fan base, also called “Sharers”. In the following years, she regularly participated in her brothers’ crazy adventures in their huge family backyard and created videos on the same themes, including on the infamous Pond Monster. In fact, the most watched video on her channel is Capturing Mystery Pond Monster Creature in Sharer Family Backyard!! (Escapes Underwater Cage) from May 2019.

Apart from the very popular vlogs, she has continued to make videos covering pranks, challenges, reactions, and comedy videos. She often competed with Stephen and her mother on a variety of challenges including NERF dart challenge, slime challenge, marker challenge, and pause challenge. She has created a compilation of their best challenge videos and also several other playlists covering her series of videos about the Pond Monster, island adventure videos, haunted home alone series, extreme pranks, a series about evil twin roommate, and even a series featuring her crush.

Family Life

Grace Sharer was born to a lawyer father and an artist mother who makes magnificent oil paintings. The only daughter of her parents, she has two older brothers named Carter and Stephen, both of whom are popular YouTubers. Other than Stephen, Carter and their mother have also appeared in her videos. The Sharer family has two pet dogs named Otter and Cooper. While she has made a series of videos about her crush, she is possibly still single.