Fifi Furrha is an American social media star known for her TikTok profile @dontstopmeowing on which she shares funny videos about her three cats Skye, Chase and Millie, and her mother’s cat Kai. She shares the profile with her husband Kareem Khalil and they are also active on most other platforms including Instagram and YouTube. She also regularly appears on her parents’ channel The Furrha Family.

Early Life

Fifi Furrha reportedly pursued a degree in school counseling.


Fifi Furrha, who started using the TikTok account @dontstopmeowing during the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, became known for the antics of their pet cats whose behavior she captured through her videos. Along with her husband Kareem Khalil, she owns three cats named Skye, a three year old Snowshoe/Ragdoll mix; Chase, a two year old tabby cat; and Millie, an almost one year old tortoiseshell cat. Fifi, who is often exasperated at how her husband spoils the cats, started sharing short clips of him giving the cats bubble bath, enjoying “spa day” with them, buying them their favorite happy meals or preparing them for their story time instantly became viral on the internet, which she had not predicted.

She was pleasantly surprised and has continued sharing the videos on TikTok and Instagram, and on YouTube too, since early 2021. Their story was featured in articles by New York Post, The Daily Mail and PopSugar. On YouTube, she initially uploaded compilations of her TikTok videos, and later started re-uploading her TikTok videos, but has recently posted slightly longer vlog type videos too, like the gender reveal of her and Kareem’s first child. Apart from their social media profiles, they also have a website,, through which they offer merchandise and pet supplies. They also share background details of their cats and provide inside story about them through blogs.

Family Life

Fifi Furrha is a member of the popular Furrha family headed by Salem Furrha, who is a high school football coach. Originally born in Kuwait to a Palestinian family, Salem came to the United States in 1966 when he was just one. Fifi is the second of eight children and the eldest daughter of Salem, who already had five children when he married family matriarch, Lebanese-American Samah, with whom he has three more children. Fifi’s siblings are older brother Nader, younger brothers Rush and Sammy, younger sister Hanna, younger stepsister Linda, and younger stepbrothers Rocky and Kies.

All the older children treat Samah as their mother and Fifi, who shifted close to her parents’ home, often visit them. Fifi, through a TikTok video in May 2020 on the occasion of Mother’s Day, thanked Samah for being there for her and her siblings. She further revealed that her biological mother walked out on them when she was just five and her youngest brother was six months old. Fifi is married to Kareem Khalil who works as a car technician. She revealed her pregnancy on Eid in August 2023 and is expecting a boy.