Esssenccee, real name Essence Marie, is an American social media star and musical artist who is best known for her dance videos on Instagram. The original profile on which she had gained fame was disabled by Instagram, following which she regained her fan base on the profile @essenceemarieee. She is also active on her TikTok profile @essencemariebby, but not so active on her YouTube channel Essence Marie. Furthermore, she has released a few singles like It’s The Gram Love and My Baby.


Esssenccee originally started her social media journey on Instagram in August 2017 when she made her first ever post. She initially posted dance videos, which helped her gain popularity on the platform. Interestingly, she didn’t start dancing much earlier than when she first went viral. One day, she was encouraged to dance by her best friend Brace Face Laii, who was at the time already a bit famous on Instagram, and they posted the video of them dancing on Dubsmash and it became very popular. When she shared it on Instagram, it earned over 80K views and was included in many compilation videos on YouTube, which further fuelled her fame and encouraged her to keep making more such videos.

Unfortunately, her original profile was disabled or deleted by Instagram for some reason after it had reached 535K followers. Although she lost some interest due to losing contents and fans, she subsequently created another profile with the handle @essenceemarieee. She continued to post dance videos on the new profile and has surpassed her previous fan base there as well. Moreover, she branched out to TikTok and YouTube, although she has not been very active on YouTube and has only uploaded a handful of videos since she first started making YouTube videos in February 2019.

Apart from dancing, she has been interested in singing since she was a child. She is a huge fan of Ariana Grande and has also been influenced by artists like Kiana Ledé, Melanie Martinez and Beyoncé. At 15, she dropped her first single, It’s The Gram Love, on October 23, 2019. Shortly after, she mentioned in a Q&A video on YouTube that she will be releasing more singles, EPs and albums as she was geared towards a career in music. However, she has since then released only a couple more singles including My Baby in March 2020, followed by Homegirls (feat. Hasani) in July that year. Interestingly, she mentioned in another Q&A in May 2022 at FamousBirthdays that she did not see social media as a long time career choice due to toxicity, and would rather like to be a part of the music industry, be it through singing, writing, or producing.

Family Life

Esssenccee, real name Essence Marie, has mentioned that music runs in her veins because both her parents were rappers. Although she mentioned knowing only the basics of music when she first started releasing singles, she added that she was taking lessons to further improve herself.