Eloise Mitchell is a social media star best known for her eponymous YouTube channel on which she has posted vlogs, challenges, shopping hauls, videos covering beauty, fashion and makeup, as well as relationship themed videos and even videos about her experience of going under the knife. She has also appeared on her brother Jake Mitchell’s channel. She was a participant in the first ever YouTuber reality show Footasylum: Locked In.


At the age of 13, Eloise Mitchell started her social media journey following in the footsteps of her older brother Jake Mitchell, who had started making short films on their father’s channel rjmlandscapes as a kid before gaining popularity on his eponymous channel. In fact, she first appeared on her brother’s channel in videos such as OPENING FAN MAIL WITH MY SISTER! in June 2015. That same month, she joined Twitter and created her self-titled YouTube channel in August that year. She was also active on the Instagram profile @_eloisemitchell, although she is currently active on the profile @eloisemofficial. Furthermore, she shared a Twitter profile with the handle @EloiseandBen with her then-boyfriend Ben, who featured alongside her brother Jake on which is now the earliest video on her channel, titled BROTHER VS. BOYFRIEND!, posted on October 9, 2015.

She gained popularity on her YouTube channel after she began hosting giveaways for her subscribers. She made videos on diverse topics including vlogs, challenges, shopping hauls, makeup hauls, and fashion and beauty themed videos. Later, she openly talked about getting piercings, tattoos and even breast augmentation surgery through her videos. Apart from her brother and her different boyfriends, she also occasionally featured her parents and her friends in her videos. In November 2020, she was one of the participants of the YouTube video series titled Footasylum: Locked In, in which 10 content creators spent 14 days together in a house without Wi-Fi to win £10,000 for their chosen charity.

Family Life

Eloise Mitchell was born to Rob and Sue Mitchell and grew up with an older brother named Jake, who is also a social media star and singer. She is very fond of animals and had both pet dogs and cats in the family. Their dog Milo passed away in December 2019. When she started out on social media, she was in a relationship with a boy named Benjamin, aka Ben, who appeared in several of her early YouTube videos. However, she started dating Jake Spink in September 2016 after meeting him on Facebook in January 2015. He started appearing on her channel with the video EXTREME TIN CAN CHALLENGE | GIRLFRIEND vs BOYFRIEND, posted on April 24, 2017. While they dated for years, they parted ways some time after he last appeared in the video SURPRISING MY BOYFRIEND WITH HIS DREAM PRESENTS on December 26, 2017. She had introduced a guy named Henry as her boyfriend in one of her videos in October 2019. They also spent holidays together in Cyprus, but he doesn’t appear on her channel anymore.