Edwin Burgos is an American social media star who rose to fame on YouNow before gaining popularity on YouTube and Instagram. Along with other popular YouNow stars Timmy Connors, Nick Bean, Rudan Custodio, and Zach Clayton, he was part of the group 5quad which has released the EP TRENZ and the album Project 5. He later became known for his variety content on the YouTube channel Edtertaining and his Instagram profile @edtertaining, but has not been active on either for years.


Edwin Burgos was noticed by people around him as a potential entertainer because of his charismatic character even when he was a child. He always wanted to be an actor and later got the opportunity to showcase his talent on the YouNow platform, where he attracted thousands of viewers each day. He quickly became one of the top influencers on the platform and teamed up with four other top influencers, Timmy Connors, Nick Bean, Rudan Custodio, and Zach Clayton, to form the group 5quad, which was inspired by the YouTube group “Our 2nd Life”. All five members were musically inclined and went on to release their first EP, TRENZ, in December 2015.

He joined YouTube on December 18, 2014 with the channel Edtertaining and started posting videos on August 29, 2015 with Egg Smash Trivia. He continued to post more trivia videos, reaction videos, challenges, pranks, story-time videos and funny skits like IMPERSONATING MUSERS. He revealed the split of the 5quad group through the video A New Chapter on October 10, 2016, where he could be seen crying, but assured his viewers that the members were still friends. While that video is no longer available on his channel, he subsequently focused more on YouTube and built a massive fan base with his funny pranks and challenge videos. He also featured 5quad members like Zach Clayton and Nick Bean in his videos and roasted them. The group got back together to release its first full album, Project 5, through the Capitol Hill Music record label, in 2020. He also posted a lot of videos, now-deleted, with his then-girlfriend Kylee Renee.

Family Life

Born in Puerto Rico, Edwin Burgos has lived in Alaska, West Palm Beach, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California. His parents are Joe Burgos and Judith Sanchez, but they have reportedly filed for divorce. He also has an older sister. Due to his tall and skinny appearance, he had been nicknamed “worm”. He also has a “Yung Savage” persona in which he acts like he is possessed.

He met pop singer Kylee Renee for the first time at a digi-fest in Dallas in summer 2015 and the two fell in love at first sight. They began dating soon after and acknowledged the relationship in Halloween 2015, following which their fans coined their “ship” name “Kedwin”. Kylee subsequently started to appear in many videos on his YouTube channel under the tag “Kedwin”. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2017, but has not publicly addressed the reason behind it.