DynastyLoveYou is the online alias of American social media star Dynasty Jenkins who is known for gaining popularity on various social media platforms despite her disability. She suffers from intellectual disability and a speech disorder due to the birth defect Holoprosencephaly, but was helped by her younger brother and social media star Jonathan to open up on social media. She has not only conquered her disability and gained internet fame, but also launched her own clothing line.

Early Life

DynastyLoveYou was born with a disorder called Holoprosencephaly (HPE) in which the left and right brain come together to form a single-lobed brain structure causing severe skull and facial defects. As a result, she was born with a deformed face and also developed speech disorder as she grew up. While most children born with the disorder die within a couple years of their birth or otherwise stay confined to a wheelchair and need to be fed with a tube, Dynasty not only lived longer, but was also able to walk and feed herself. She considers her ability to walk, eat and talk a gift from God.


Due to her condition, DynastyLoveYou kept herself locked up in her room and hardly ever interacted with people. However, she was able to come out of her shell thanks to encouragement from her brother Jonathan aka Papii__jj who not only helped her become independent by teaching her to eat by herself, but also helped her be confident by recording her and then creating social media profiles on her behalf. Papii__jj, who was already popular on Instagram, took random pictures and videos of her in order to make her more confident in front of camera and then started posting those on Instagram. After the account gained some likes and followers, he showed it to Dynasty for the first time. Seeing a large number of strangers showering love and support on her pictures and videos boosted her confidence as intended and she subsequently started to enjoy taking pictures and videos.

She continued to post more pictures and videos with the help of her brother and also posted other types of content including makeup videos and videos about brother-sister relationship goals. She also shares her cooking videos and snaps from her travels on Instagram. Furthermore, she has expanded her reach to other social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter (now X). She has also collaborated with other social media stars like Woah Vicky, whom she even called her sister. She had also launched her own clothing line, Dynasties Angels, in 2019, with its own Instagram page and website, although they are not maintained anymore.

Family Life

DynastyLoveYou was born as Dynasty Jenkins and has Black and Asian ancestry. She has two sisters, including older sister Jollydes who is also a social media star, and a younger brother named Jonathan, who is known on social media by his aliases Lil Rot, Virgin.jj and Papii__jj. She was reportedly in a relationship with Troy Ho in 2019.