Durv is an English YouTuber who gained notoriety for his fake and click-bait content on his eponymous channel which was terminated by YouTube before being reinstated. His content was often criticized by commentary YouTubers LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, Memeulous, WillNE and ImAllexx, whom he targeted in the controversial disstrack, Commentaries End. Amidst immense backlash and constant loss of subscribers, he admitted to using clickbaits to make money and lying about fake giveaways. Some of his old videos can still be found in the channel @TibbettsGamingTibbetts.


Durv joined YouTube in mid-2016 and introduced himself as ItzDurv in a video called Shoutout Sunday #01 - Grow Your Channel! Gain Active Subscribers! He primarily made prank calls and bottle flip content. However, he quickly gained negative attention due to fake and click-bait type content for videos of him calling Chucky doll, Annabelle doll and Santa Claus. He also made a series of videos about “the elf on the shelf” including CALLING THE ELF ON THE SHELF!!! HE ANSWERED OMG!!!, THE ELF ON THE SHELF CAUGHT MOVING ON CAMERA! *REAL*, THE ELF ON THE SHELF ATTACKED ME WITH A KNIFE, and THE ELF ON A SHELF CAUGHT FLYING IN MY HOUSE! *VIDEO. All of these videos attracted him attention from commentary YouTubers like LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, Memeulous, WillNE and ImAllexx who exposed other YouTubers.

The most controversial of his videos was probably My School is Deleting My Channel, uploaded on January 14, 2017, where he claimed his teachers threatened to delete his channel because they didn’t like his content. It gained over six million views quickly and introduced the infamous line, "Wanna join my free giftcard giveaway?" He subsequently made several giftcard giveaways, which were later called out as fakes because the XBOX Live gift card design was from 2012 and not from 2017. Most other giftcards he offered were also found to be fake. His channel was terminated on May 31, 2017, following which he created another channel called Clash Trends, which was exposed by the YouTuber NebulaUSA in the video DURV MADE A NEW CHANNEL! (BREAKING TOS EXPOSED!). After the channel was terminated on June 6, 2017, he briefly used his brother’s channel, Finnerz, claiming to be a “video producer”.

After his channel was reinstated by YouTube, he made the video I'm back in April 2018. While he claimed that he was done with giftcard videos and made a video titled KID CRIES AFTER BROTHER DELETES ACCOUNT!, he deleted it within hours due to overwhelming dislikes and cynicism. In January 2021, he returned to the channel with the video I'm back (Durv Update), a commentary video with Minecraft gameplay, which many felt was better suited for him. His last video on the channel was Did I Fake Giftcard Giveaways? (Durv Q&A), in November 2021, where he promoted his new Minecraft channel Durvy. However, he has not been active on either of the channels and rather makes slot machine content on the shared channel HypeCrew.

Family Life

Durv’s real name is Dylan Adam McEvoy.