Dk Money is the online alias of American social media star, boxer and aspiring actor Dakota Keith Miller who is best recognized for his prank style YouTube videos featuring his friends Kyle 'Stromedy' Godfrey, Jake Dufner, Mikey Manfs, Joshua Forsberg, Lance Stewart and Tanner Fox. He is also an Instagram star and boxer who mentioned appearing in a feature film.


Dk Money, who always wanted to make people laugh, was inspired by his friends and fellow YouTubers like Stromedy and Mikey, who were already making videos for social media, to make videos himself. He joined YouTube in February 2017 and uploaded his first video, IM SMASHING YOUR GIRLFRIEND PRANK!!! (ON JAKE DUFNER), in March 2018. It was quite popular among his fans, which prompted him to continue to make more prank videos featuring Jake, Mikey and Stromedy in the following months. He also made several relationship themed videos featuring Jake’s cousin Alisha as his girlfriend.

Alongside YouTube, he had started posting on Instagram with a selfie with American football player Cam Newton. Known for his lifestyle pictures on the platform, he was also chosen as an ambassador for the FashionNova brand. He has been managed by Prime Capitol Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based social media incubator founded by his friend Stromedy. Along with Stromedy and other social media stars under the same management like Mark Ricci and Jana Soss, he had featured in an article by Forbes on Prime Capitol Entertainment in March 2022, just ahead of his and Kyle’s US vs. UK boxing match.

Like several other popular influencer turned boxers, he started participating in boxing matches on July 23, 2021 when he fought against fellow YouTube star Nick Ireland at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 19, which he lost by majority decision. His second bout was against YouTuber Ryan Taylor in London on the undercard of Deji Olatunji vs Alex Wassabi. He won their grudge fight in the first round after Taylor was disqualified for headbutting him, an incident that was widely covered in international news media. His next fight was on November 19, 2022 against English YouTuber and ICB international cruiserweight champion King Kenny on the undercard of Misfits Boxing's third event, MF & DAZN: X Series 003. Unfortunately, he was viciously knocked out in round one at the event. He was later scheduled to fight Spanish YouTube star, Victor Melida aka ViruZz on the under card of MF & DAZN: X Series 007 on May 13, 2023. He lost the match following ViruZz’s come-from-behind knockout, which left him with severe concussion and a broken jaw. However, following the fight, ViruZz tested positive for illegal substances, because of which ViruZz was suspended and the match was declared a “No Decision”.

Family Life

Dk Money was born as Dakota Keith Miller, but not much is known about his early life. He once introduced Jake Dufner’s cousin Alisha as his girlfriend, although he later made another video in which he introduced Instagram model Sammi Landsman as his girlfriend.