Derkslurp is the online alias of American social media star Derek Boyd who rose to fame on TikTok for his comedic dubs and sketches and later built a large fan base on YouTube as well. He also posts challenges, vlogs, gaming videos and other common YouTube content on the channel. He also offers merch like hoodies, shirts, and beanies through online portals.

Early Life

Initially, Derkslurp did social media for fun and never imagined that he could turn it into a career, but he was already in a good position financially due to his online fame by the time he completed his school graduation, so he decided to focus his full energy into it instead of going to college, a decision he took a day before going to college.


Although Derkslurp has been active on TikTok for much longer, back when it was still called, he began posting regularly on the platform in 2018. He rose to fame there with his “comedic slice-of-life videos about bread being bae, how Instagram is kinda awkward sometimes, spiders down under, leg pits and what might live there, and cats.” However, his favorite platform has always been YouTube, where he watches content more than anywhere else. As such, he decided to use his TikTok popularity to build a following on YouTube and started uploading on his channel in August 2018. His content on YouTube has been similar to that on his TikTok profile, but in longer form, while he has also added regular YouTube content like challenges, sometimes featuring his family members including his grandma, and gameplay videos of games like Among Us.

After surpassing one million subscribers in little over a year, he was featured in an article on the Tubefilter series YouTube Millionaires in early 2020 in which he stated that making TikToks was much easier. He also mentioned that YouTube videos take ages to edit, which is why he only managed to push out one YouTube video weekly compared to up to two videos daily on TikTok. However, he promised more vlogs on YouTube, hoping to be able to collaborate with creators from Los Angeles in the future. Derkslurp, who has been asked for merchandise by fans for a long time, but felt it was too early, finally announced working on merchandise with talented artists. He later launched Derkslurp themed merch including shirts and beanies from Fanjoy. He also expressed his dream of starting his own clothing line.

Family Life

Derkslurp was born as Derek Boyd, the youngest of three children of Charles and Kathryn Boyd, and has a sister named Madison and a brother named Ryan. He is obsessed with Slurpees from 7-Eleven, so much so that he has one every morning and even put it on his username. He has openly talked about being gay and revealed his boyfriend’s face in the video it's time to show him...BOYFRIEND FACE REVEAL!!! in November 2023. He shared pictures on Instagram on January 1, 2024 to announce their engagement.