CookieSwirlC is an American YouTuber who is known for her channel of the same name on which she primarily posts story videos of herself playing with toys from series such as Barbie, My Little Pony, Shopkins, Monster High, and Disney's Frozen. She also makes gameplay videos of Roblox, sometimes with other gaming YouTubers. Her content is primarily focused towards kids aged 8-14.


When she was still a child, CookieSwirlC found videos of toy horses on YouTube, which made her interested in the platform. Inspired by those videos, she created her first channel, HoneyHearts27, later known as HoneyheartsC or just Honey, on August 3, 2007. On the channel, she primarily uploaded story videos featuring her toy horses. The first video, Breyer movie part 1 Shamrock's Heart, was uploaded in December 2009 and featured her playing by herself with her toy horses in her room. She made a lengthy series of over a dozen videos for her first story series and also posted deleted scenes and other extra scenes. Moreover, she made a couple music videos and tutorials about making tiny sized clay food. She made a few more story series and started uploading gameplay videos on the online horse themed video game Star Stable in late 2015. In the following years, she heavily focused on videos about painting toy horses, while also making gameplay and story videos occasionally.

While she continues to make weekly videos on her original channel, CookieSwirlC is currently more active on her second channel, also called CookieSwirlC, which was created in November 2013 and is now her main channel. On the new channel, she posts toy videos and gaming videos of any sort and not just restricted to horses. Later on, she also focused more on Roblox content and often played the game with The Fam, which included herself and other gaming YouTubers like Gamer Chad, DOLLASTIC PLAYS! and MicroGuardian. She co-directed a short television commercial along with Moose toys based on one of her Shopkins videos which was aired on television in December 2018. In September 2019, she collaborated with Barbie and Mattel to launch a Wal-Mart exclusive official CookieSwirlC Barbie doll that also included her two pet dogs.

In June 2014, she created a third channel called Sugar8Cupcake, now renamed to CookieBites, although she is not very active on that channel. She initially focused on Sims 4 gameplay on the channel and made as many as 97 episodes on her series called Fairy Family. However, she later started making gameplay videos on other games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, and more recently Resident Evil Village. She debuted as a virtual YouTuber aka VTuber on April 15, 2022. Her character model was created by the artist Rin Yu and was made into live 2D by Iron Vertex. She has also released an app, Cookie Swirl World, for iOS, Android, and Amazon, based off her channel.

Family Life

CookieSwirlC’s real name is Candace and she has a younger sister.