Collin Vogt is an American social media star, musician and photographer best known for his past relationship with fellow singer and social media star Gabriella “Gabi” DeMartino of the twin duo “Niki and Gabi”. The couple was in a relationship between 2015 and 2022, during which period Collin started his own self-titled YouTube channel and appeared in several videos on Gabi’s personal and shared YouTube channels. He is currently active on Instagram.


Before finding social media fame, Collin Vogt worked at a KFC outlet. He was encouraged to start his own YouTube channel by his then-girlfriend Gabriella, who was already an established YouTuber. He had his eponymous channel since 2013 and started posting on it with the video Male Perspective On Girls Products, also featuring Gabi, on November 22, 2016. In the following months, he continued to post vlogs primarily, but also made videos about challenges, pranks, and Q&A’s. Furthermore, he made behind-the-scenes videos about Gabriella's nose surgery, throughout which he remained very supportive.

He sang in the cover of James Arthur's Say You Won't Let Go, which was uploaded on his channel, and also released a cover for Show Yourself by Idina Menzel and Evan Rachel Wood with Gabi for her debut extended play, Gabroadway. His most viewed video on the channel was titled BF GF TAG GONE WRONG AT END! (Collin + Gabi) that gained over a million hits. Unfortunately, he stopped posting videos after he and Gabi separated in 2022 and has also deleted or made private all of his videos on the channel. Collin, who is also a talented photographer, shared pictures from their romantic gateways on his Instagram profile until their breakup. While no more active on YouTube, he now continues to share pictures and videos from his travels, as well as song covers, on his two Instagram profiles @collinvogt and @vogtographyy, although he is more active on the former.

Family Life

While not much is known about the family of Collin Christopher Vogt, he first met Gabriella Nelida DeMartino in New Jersey on July 25, 2015, when both of them were in different committed relationships. Nevertheless, he acknowledged being awestruck by her beauty in one of his vlogs, although he had no inkling about her social media popularity. Gabi, on the other hand, was dating fellow YouTuber Brandon Grupe at the time, but the two broke up the very same year. Collin also broke up with his then-partner, and shortly after he and Gabi started dating. For their 2nd anniversary celebrations in 2017, the couple recreated a few scenes from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, one of Collin's favorite movies. Videos from the celebration were uploaded to Gabi’s YouTube channel. Collin proposed to Gabi on November 26, 2020 and they had a photoshoot the following day. They were supposed to get married by May 2022, but they mutually called off the engagement shortly before that, with Gabi explaining in a video that she was getting cold feet considering her job and career.