Colleen Kelly is an American YouTuber, former Vine star and self-proclaimed “local flop” who makes “trashy humor” content on her YouTube channels Colliscool and collislame to make people laugh. A fan girl of the Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer aka 5SOS, the majority of her early content were about the band, although she later evolved her content to include a large variety of topics.


Colleen Kelly had joined Twitter back in October 2011 and created the YouTube channel collislame on May 28, 2013, although she didn’t immediately start to use either. Her social media journey actually started in December 2013 when she joined the now-defunct platform Vine. She also created a second YouTube channel on May 4, 2014 called Colliscool which has now become her main YouTube channel. She gained popularity on Vine and her second YouTube channel for her “trashy humor” and often described herself as a “local flop”.

Her first video on her second channel, #ASKCOLL, was posted in July 2014 and was the first in a Q&A video series that she has continued over time. She made more videos covering room tour, several videos about her favorite musical group, the Australian band 5SOS, and a mini-series called Illuminati Confirmed featuring each member of the band. It was her video, If 5SOS Were Siri, posted on July 30, 2015, that gained her viral fame and earned her over 50k subscribers within a short period of time. In the following months, she continued to make 5SOS themed videos and also started to feature her sister Erin in videos like 5SOS AGAINST HUMANITY, PHOTOSHOPPING 5SOS and 7 SECOND CHALLENGE w/ my sister. She also occasionally made videos with her close friend Nikki Orion, popular American YouTuber and musician Issa Twaimz, as well as fellow social media stars Amy Ordman, Alexis G. Zall and Jessie Paege.

She started posting on her original channel, collislame, in June 2016, then calling it her side channel. She usually posted similar content to that on her main channel and continued to post until mid-2018, when she suddenly stopped. She also became briefly inactive on the main channel by the end of that year, but returned a few months later and continued to post until late 2020. She subsequently became inactive on the main channel for three years. While she returned on her second channel in April 2022 to post several vlogs and gaming videos before becoming inactive again, she only posted one more video on her main channel, CURRENT OBSESSIONS, in December 2023, in which she mentioned working on herself and going through therapy.

Family Life

Colleen Kelly grew up with a sister named Erin who has appeared in her YouTube videos. Her father was a member of a band in his youth. She mentioned growing up in a supportive household. As a child, she was into anime and manga books, and was particularly obsessed with the animated series, Attack on Titan, about which she has talked in her videos.