Chandler Wilson is an agender YouTube personality known for sharing their experiences as a gender-neutral individual with over 330,000 subscribers on their channel, ChandlerNWilson. They launched their YouTube channel on January 17, 2010, originally under the name MissPancake52. Their first video, a music video titled "When You're Gone Music Vid," was created with a friend. In addition to their online presence, Chandler is also a writer and poet, with a published novel titled "Listen To Me." Born in North Carolina, Chandler's birth name is Elena Wilson.

Career & Family Life

In their personal life, Chandler got engaged to Alexander Chapman in October 2016, but the couple parted ways in 2018. Chandler's content often delves into topics of gender identity and sexuality, similar to fellow YouTuber Ashley Wylde, who also addresses these important issues.