Catalina “Cat” Selman is an American social media star and real estate agent who became known for appearing alongside her more popular brother Mario Selman on various social media platforms and had gained popularity on (now TikTok) as a teenager. However, she now seems more focused on her career as a real estate agent for eXp Realty and is mostly active on her Instagram profile @catselman.

Early Life

Catalina Selman studied at Seacrest High School in South Florida and later went to Tallahassee Community College. She is an alum of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, from where she completed her bachelor of science degree in Marketing in 2023.


Catalina Selman started her social media journey following in the footsteps of her older brother Mario, who had joined YouTube in 2014 and also collaborated with fellow stars like Weston Koury, Nick Bean, Zach Clayton, Baby Ariel, Loren Beech and Brennen Taylor on the channel Our Journey. Mario grew fastest on, where Catalina first appeared lip-syncing together with her brother in a video posted by the latter. She also appeared in the early videos on her brother’s channel, like his second video, NOT MY ARMS CHALLENGE, and more challenge videos, vlogs, driving videos, sister tags, etc. Noticing the huge popularity of her collaborations with her brother, she asked fans on social media if she should start posting her own videos, to which the answer was a resounding yes.

She joined in April 2016 and started posting dance and lip-sync videos on her profile. Like her brother, she also quickly gained popularity on the platform and surpassed one million followers. She was also very popular on her Instagram profile @catselman where she often posted her travel snaps from Las Vegas, New York, Paris and the Bahamas. She also shared a picture from her trip to Barcelona, Spain with her brother Mario and her sister Nacha, adding in the caption that they were heading to Rome, Italy next. She was also interested in modeling and did brand promotions for Nike and Clean & Clear through her posts.

Unlike her more popular brother, she never tried her luck on YouTube. While she continued to share life updates on her Instagram profile, it seems that she had given up on TikTok at some point, as her current profile is new with very few followers and posts. She also doesn’t appear much on her brother’s channel or social media posts anymore. She is currently working as a real estate agent for eXp Realty, alongside working as an epidemiologist for State of Florida Department of Heath since February 2022.

Family Life

Catalina Selman is the younger sister of popular social media star Mario Selman. She also has a much older sister named Nacha Morel. She has native or bilingual proficiency in Spanish. In late 2023, she shared pictures with a man named Nick Smyrnov with the caption “his & hers”, while he shared the same with “It all started at Tenn”.